Saturday, January 15, 2011

Keeping Busy

I'm not one to sit inside.  I hate just sitting inside.  Wait...let me rephrase, I hate sitting inside with a rambunctious toddler.  All it does is make the day drag ass.  I'm all "30 minutes to the next diaper change, an hour until lunch, 2 hours until the nap."  I mile mark the time so that it doesn't drag.  And even with 50 billion toys, she still gets bored.  We're "out" people.

Spring and summer are easy.  Park, pool, walks, Sesame Place, trips, zoo's, botanical gardens, deck...whatever.  It's easy and I'm off and there are so many options.  Winter is a different story.

We've been to the Staten Island Children's Museum, The Liberty Science Center, Kid Junction (an indoor play area) a bunch of times, we've gone to other people's houses for play dates, we've had people over, gone out for meals, we've played in the snow, and we go to the gym regularly.  But, aside from it being a pain in the ass to put on her sweater, jacket, gloves, hat, and boots and load her up in the icy freezing weather, I'm running out of ideas.

I'm not a "stay in your pj's and watch TV all day" kind of girl.  Plus I think getting out regularly is good for your sanity and your kids, especially if they're not in school.  It's always easier to take her out when Andy or my mom can come with me, because of the extra set of hands, but I have absolutely no problem taking her out by myself.  It's nice sometimes.  But I need some help on some other fun things we can do together until the weather turns warm.  How do you all spend your days?
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Sally said...

You have the cutest blog! Sorry, I can't help you with answers on what to do though, 'cause mine are all grown except my 4 y/o great-granddaughter - guess I'll find out next week when she'll be here with me. lol

Have a happy day! :)

Debbie said...

Like Sally, mine are far out of this stage but I remember it well! I also felt having some activity was best.
We had story time at the library one day a week and organized play groups two days a week. That just left me with a couple of days each week that wasn't planned. It seemed easier to fill when it was like that.
Good luck!

b. lee said...

this time of year is so freakin' rough for us mama's of little ones ~ I've always been the snow's biggest fan .. but with tikes, I'm forever dreaming of summer too * sounds like u have things to do out & about (library is awesome & usually has free story/sing-a-long hrs) ... ideas for indoors -- dance party; finger painting with pudding; bath-time just for play; build a fort * *

Oh Mammy said...

I completely identify with this post so much so that we moved from the country into a city because I HAVE to be doing something!


Desi said...

I feel your pain. We do indoor play areas and playdates too. We sometimes decide to brave the cold and go for a walk with her sled.

Erin said...

Ugh, those loooooong days trapped inside can be so incredibly depressing. You're in NYC? Maybe next time I'm visiting my friend and her toddler in NYC, the boys and I can meet up with you guys, too! (We're in CT).

I try to get to the gym nearly every day during the winter so the boys can hang out in the daycare and get us out and about for a bit. We had a membership at a local children's museum, but honestly, after last winter and the 500000 trips we made to the place, I can't stomach the thought of going again! I try to plan on having something every day -- playdate, or storytime at Barnes & Noble (less structured than the local library, so the boys can do what they want and not get in trouble for not sitting quietly!), or even grocery shopping at the "fun" grocery store. It definitely makes the days less tedious when I have a plan for fun things for us to do.

When we're stuck at home, the boys really enjoy cooking -- I seriously have a freezer FULL of cookies and brownies and whatever else -- because the boys love cooking it, and I have to freeze it so I don't eat it!

mrs.g said...

We live in a small town so we have to drive about an hour to really do anything. James has just gotten to the age where he is tolerable out of the house. We live in the south where it's not uncommon for it to be 70 degrees in January so we'll be taking him to the zoo soon!

Lil'Misa said...

I've never heard of Kid Junction. I've got to check this out!

We are running out of ideas too. Carter hates being home all the time so we try to plan trips, play dates, etc often because he gets bored easily.

We can't wait for spring and summer!

Lyr said...

Ugh! I AGREE!!! I just loath the winter time. It's so hard to be stuck inside and we are so limited. I wish we lived closer!!! I'll just keep praying for a speedy winter. :)

Anonymous said...

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