Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Resolutioners

Have invaded the gym!  They're taking over treadmills and stair masters and Zumba is packed.  Now I'm not a "regular" per se because sometimes watching Dr. Oz on my dvr (love him) beats out my desire to go work out, which is ironic in a way.  But I am semi-regular.  So while I really do hope that these resolutioners stick with their program, I'm giving them to the end of February to quit crowding my space.  I just feel like an evil bitch and I'm supposed to be being nice.

Ok, I'll retract.  I hope the resolutioners stick with their resolutions, become really thin and healthy, and then stop crowding my space.
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Mrs.Mayhem said...

Funny! I know what you mean about newcomers invading your space.

I am a regular exercise, at home on my treadmill. i was running today in the usual fashion, and my treadmill crapped out. I haven't been able to fix it. Apparently that shows what the universe thinks of my resolutions!

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