Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Strange Goings On

I've been wanting to write this post for a long time but I've been too creeped out and spooked.  I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a candy ass and I'm scared of my own shadow so some of the things that have been going around here at night have me shaking in my Spanx.

I'm not sure where I stand on my belief in ghosts and spirits and demons and such, but I know that I don't know enough to say without a doubt that I don't believe.  You know that feeling when the whisper of fear becomes palpable but there's no immediate threat?  What is that?

Ok, so let me tell you my story.  Ever since Isabella was an infant she would stare at the ceiling and follow something with her eyes, which didn't register a blip on my radar because infants have minimal eye control and all they do all day is stare anyway.  I did note that it was always one particular corner, but whatever, right?

Now that she can talk.  I've seen her eyes drift to the same corner.  At first she would cry a little bit and get anxious and say, "bye bye" over and over again.  Then eventually, she would stare at the ceiling, point, and say "hi" and giggle.  It didn't happen every night but it was definitely often enough for it to officially freak me out.  One night I just got so scared that I couldn't get her pajamas on fast enough so I could leave the room because I'm such a good mom like that.

What the hell is going on?
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ModernMom said...

Eeek. Have you researched the history of your house??

mrs.g said...

And now I'm too scared to take a nap today. That's really freaky!

Lil'Misa said...

Yikes! That is creepy!

Rachel said...

I am totally freaked out for you, with you. shiver..

Sarah said...

that is superfreakingcreepy

Rsgrl said...

Not creepy to me at all. It's either the beginnings of her playing pretend (imaginary friend) or she's giving you proof of the theory that children have easier connections to spirits/guardian angels/souls who hang around - the theory being that kids can connect with spirits better because they don't have all the baggage that adults do restricting their ideas/thoughts/feelings.

I'll admit I'm a believer (in spirits) and think it's awesome that she's found a friend (if that's the case). Especially since she seems to be happy about the presence, rather than scared.

And if it's her imagination, what a wonderful thing to watch and experience! Embrace it the best you can. :)

Miss you.

Mrs.F said...

Ok that is totally creepy.

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