Friday, January 21, 2011

When I Grow Up

Sometimes I find myself thinking about Isabella when she grows up.  What will she look like?  Will she get married and have her own family?  What kind of person will she be?  What will she do for a living?  If I had my druthers she'd be a teacher, just like me, this way she could be off in the summer and we can hang out.  If she decides to have a family this would also ensure that I would still have the summers off from babysitting grand kids.

However, if I went based off of her personality traits I'd have some other possibilities.  She might need to be in some sort of leadership/management position because she's very specific about how she wants to spend her time and what she wants us to do.  Maybe a dictator or something along those lines.

She's also pretty obsessed with the stars, moon, and sun.  Every night we have to look out the window and say hello to the moon and the stars.  Sometimes she likes to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to the sky.  We have to say good night to the moon and tell it we love it.  So maybe she'd enjoy a career in astronomy.

Isabella would also make a great actress because the girl knows how to work it.  Whether it's acting shy, charming, or pretending to cry so she'll get her way, she knows how to work an audience.  She can also pitch a diva fit with the best of them.

She'd probably also make a great food critic because she's super particular about what she'll put in her mouth.

Not on the list of possible careers:  anything that involves cleaning, hair brushing, or vegetables.
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Sazz said...

OMG K is right along with Isabella in her career options. GOsh the drama!!!!!

Dani G said...

I know my bird has no future in hair brushing, either!!

misssrobin said...

Very cute post.

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