Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Anatomy of a Giveaway

Some people love giveaways and see them as a chance to score some free swagger.  Other people hate them and think that the blogger is selling their soul to consumerism.  Others feel that bloggers are giving away free advertising without being properly compensated.  All are valid opinions.

I like the occasional giveaway but I don't like when I don't still get to read a favorite bloggers posts.  But I do appreciate that a lot goes into a giveaway.

First, I always feel a great responsibility to the company or person I am hosting the review/giveaway for.  I feel that they are putting their faith in my and my readers to get traffic towards their website.  I feel particularly responsible for smaller sites, like etsy shops.  What if no one visits?

I always get nervous that no one will enter.  Lately my giveaway entrants have been dropping.  I don't want to look lame and I don't want the company/shop/person to feel that I'm wack.  So I always feel a lot of pressure to drum up entrants, but I can't force people to enter.  Know what I mean?

It usually takes about 3 or 4 e-mails with a contact person to get the ball rolling.  Then once I get the product, it takes about a week for me to try it/get a picture of it because I have an actual job.  Then it takes me about 20 minutes to write the post complete with links and pictures.  Then I spend the week (the usual time I run the giveaway for) promoting it on my blog and twitter.  After a week, I chose the winners and then e-mail my contact person.  All in all each giveaway takes about an hour or two of my time collectively.

Is it worth it?  Do you guys hate the giveaways?
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Dina said...

I recently started a new food blog, this is my 3rd blog over the years on different topics. The last one I had started as a health and wellness education blog, and it quickly turned into the hard work of giveaways to get traffic etc, and all of the pressure as you mentioned. The writing started to become secondary and I lost sight of what I was trying to do. My new blog will be about the writing, not the giveaways and reviews although I may do one here and there, it will be to reward my loyal readers with a gift I have purchased not to get more traffic to me, because those people only come for the giveaway not to read my blog. And I have dropped all the giveaway only blogs off my follow list. So boring in my opinion when a blog has nothing but reviews and giveaways.

mrslaurahill said...

Mellisa, I'm glad we did it. Even though the comments have been low, I've had almost two orders a day since Monday from strangers and leading up to then only friends and family have been purchasing. Maybe a coincidence?? But either way, I'll take it! Thanks! -Lulu's Nest

Rachel said...

I don't hate giveaways or contests as long as it is mixed with regular content and great posts. You seem to do a great job with this. I do not usually enter giveaways, not sure why, probably because I figure I won't win :)I'd say a good habit would be about 2 giveaways a week, no more unless the purpose of the blog is just giveaways and contests.

Christine said...

I agree..all giveaways + no content = boring blog. That being said, I don't mind seeing a give away now and then when I'm perusing my favorite blogs, especially if the blogger really seems genuine about their reasons for doing the review or give away. Sometimes, I'm happy to see a new product or beautiful item that I otherwise wouldn't know about (for example something creative from an obscure etsy shop).

Some blogs seem to have sold their souls to the review/giveaway and that's when it is quite unappealing.

Moderate Means said...

I like when bloogers do a giveaway that really matches their blog and you can believe they are endorsing a product because it's awesome. I like that sense of real review. However, the blogs that are all about traffic and giveaways and 17 ways to enter...I don't really believe the reviews. opinion...keep the giveaways if the reviews remain sincere :)


Michelle said...

Hey! Since I trust you and the reviews, I've already looked into purchasing a few products, whether or not I actually entered the giveaway. I usually enter the ones that I think apply to me.
I enjoy your reviews between blog entries about life...Keep blogging! Glad to hear about your mom too!

See you soon!

Lyr said...

I don't hate them either. But you made me think about doing my own in fear that no one will come. ;-?

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