Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cooking Class

I killed those bad boys myself
I've been wanting to take a cooking class for a while.  I love to cook.  I love to try new recipes.  I love perusing new cookbooks.  I hate eating the same things over and over.  But I've always been a little bit of a candy ass when it comes to trying new things.  There's always a million reasons not to: it's too much money, I don't have time, my pinky toe has been really acting up again.  But I've had enough of being ridiculous and not following through.  So I roped a friend into taking a cooking class at the Institute of Culinary Education in NYC.

The theme of the class was "Dinner and a Move: Julie and Julia" which was awesome since Julie and Julia was based on a apropos.
It was a 5 hour class 6pm-11pm and there were about 16 of us in the class.  Our instructor talked for about an hour and told us what we would be making: beef bourginon, lobster thermidor, artichokes with hollandaise sauce, parsley buttered noodles, and lemon souffle.  Yum!

Each group was responsible a certain dish/dishes.  My friend, Jen, and I were in the lobster thermidor group which meant we had to kill a lobster.  That's right we had to take a live lobster, put a knife between it's eyes and push down.  Hard!  It was one of the freakiest things ever, especially since they keep moving for a while afterwards.

Julia Child's Beef Bourginon 
Anyway, we cooked for about an hour and a half and then we filled our plates and went into the dining room and ate and watched the movie.  In between the main course and dessert we were also served salad and a stinky cheese platter.  The food was delicious and the movie was adorable, we even got a copy of the DVD!

I was very intimidated at first, I'm a cook but I'm certainly no chef and in my kitchen I'm only feeding me, Andy and Isabella so if I mess up a recipe, no big deal we just order a pizza or eat left overs, here I (and my team) were responsible for everyones food.  It was just so out of my comfort zone, but I had a great time and I left with all the recipes.  I can't wait to try them at home AND I'm ready to start looking at another class!

On a side note, how awesome is it that someone's blog got made into a movie?!  If they ever made my blog into a movie I'm going on record now saying that I think Megan Fox should play me.  Just sayin.
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Resourceful Red said...

Way to go Mama!! I would love to take a cooking class some day.

ModernMom said...

Oh this looks like so much fun!
If my blog ever got made into a movie I'm afraid the best I could hope for would be Sharon Case from the Y & R lol

Desi said...

OMG I would love to take a class like this! How much fun. I love that movie too.

Michelle said...

I love it! Manny and I took a couples class @ ICE! We loved it and cannot wait to go back. It was an appetizer class for the holidays. I couldn't believe what actually goes into prepping and cooking for a large group! Glad you enjoyed!
Megan Fox...great choice!

Brandy said...

OH YUM!!!! That all looks amazing. I would love to take a class sometime.

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