Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A General Hodgepodge of Miscellaneous Potpourri

Just a post of lose ends and random thinking that wouldn't comprise an entire in and of itself but make a lovely mishmosh post.

My mom has finished her chemo treatments.  Her last one was on January 26th and she's feeling much better.  She's still not sleeping all that great and her hands and feet are red, raw, and cracked from the chemo pills but she's getting better.  I am eternally grateful for any and all prayers and good thoughts you've sent our way.  She goes for a CAT scan in the summer and then we should have real cause to celebrate.

If you have not yet received a giveaway prize that you won on this blog, please let me know and I'll contact the company.

Isabella is doing great at day care.  She went through a phase where she was a bit clingy.  And then more recently she started crying at drop off, but those were just minor blips.  She goes once a week and I think it's been really good for her.  She gets to play with kids in her age group and do crafts and sing songs.  I really like it.

I have a serious case of blogger's block and I am waiting for some sort of inspiration or ideas.  Things have been pretty quiet around here.

Isabella likes to do the most random things.  Watch you tube videos of flowers blooming, sit in the sink, walk on the counter.  It's been trying to say the least.

She's also learned the word "chocolate".  Poor kid is doomed.

I haven't been very giving lately and I don't really like it.  I need to stop making excuses for myself.

I just started my first course for my next 30 credits above my masters degree.  What the hell am I thinking?!

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Lyr said...

Haha, chocolate? That is awesome!

Resourceful Red said...

I love this post!! I might be stealing this idea sometime!!

And YAY for starting ur classes :)

Emily said...

I might use this post title, It's awesome! Nothing demonstrates the lumping of things together like stacking descriptors on top of eachother. If you did it deliberately you're a genius! If it was an accident your subconscious is a genius!

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