Thursday, February 3, 2011

It Worked For Me

I'm not afraid to admit that 9 times out of 10 I'm a HAM (Hot Ass Mess).  In fact I'm pretty sure a lot of you come around here just because you look better by comparison and I'm totally fine with that :)

However, sometimes the stars align and I actually figure something out for myself.  That means I didn't google it, read it, or steal it from anybody at least consciously.  So here are some of the tips and tricks that I've figured out to save my sanity, and my waist line.  And if you have any you better share them with me!

1. I find that if I eat off of Isabella's plates I eat smaller portions.  Plus since they are already sectioned off I make sure that I'm getting equal portions of food.  In other words I'm making sure I don't get a giant serving of pasta and an itty bitty bite of broccoli.

2.  If I eat a serving of fruit or vegetables about 30 minutes before lunch or dinner, I find I'm not as hungry and I wind up eating less.

3.  If I write my gym days on the calendar and track my points for the entire week at the beginning of the week I'm much more likely to stick with the program.  That's where having a good meal plan and doing some early prep work really come in handy.

4.  I still have to puree veggies to make sure Isabella is getting enough, but I found that if I finely chop them and add them to her favorites, she'll eat them without too much of a fuss.  Sometimes I'll offer the veggies to her first and she might take a nibble or two, instead of serving them along side the main course where she's more likely to dive right in to her favorite food and forget the veggies.

5.  In another attempt to make dinner time less chaotic and ensure I don't turn into a short order cook (she eats what we eat), I make sure I make at least one thing I know she'll eat.  I wouldn't want to eat something I didn't like, so I don't force her to eat anything she doesn't want.  I provide a nice variety, but I make sure there's something she'll enjoy.

6.  I'm a realist when it comes to dinner and if she's not having it, well then she can have cheerios for dinner.  It won't kill her.

Whelp that's all I got for right now.  Hopefully I'll become more adept at saving time/sanity and maybe even money and I'll keep you guys in the loop.
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Katie said...

I <3 #3! I think that writing my gym days will hold me more accountable to them!

Bethany said...

Could not agree more with #6!!!!

Jess said...

I finally decided to do a weekly gym schedule and for the first time in a long time I've stuck to it! For some reason, seeing it in writing makes me feel like I HAVE to do it lol

Alex said...

Great tips!! I've actually used some of these myself! and they do work :)

Dani G said...

buying fancy gym clothes is a good one, too, because it forces you to wear 'em!

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