Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Missing the Mom Gene

Like maybe I'm missing some sort of sentimental or maternal gene that everyone else has.  I was at a friend's daughter's 2nd birthday party and I was sitting at the table eating and chatting with two other moms.  They were both stay at home mom's and talking about how much they love being home with their little ones all day.  Which is wonderful for them.  When I told them that I work because I love my job and like getting out of the house they looked at me like I had ten heads.

Many mom's gush over their children's milestones to anyone who will listen.  I very rarely do this and it's not that I'm not proud of her, I am and she's amazing it's just that I get so bored listening to other mom's talk about this that I don't want to subject anyone else to it.  But the thing is, I don't think anyone else gets bored with it.

I don't save all of Isabella's art projects.  I don't have a lock of her hair or her umbilical cord (bleh) saved.  I probably won't keep her baby teeth when they fall out (double bleh).  I'm just not overly sentimental about things like that.  I keep the really great art projects and her baptismal candle and anything that's a first that's not super gross.

I like that I have a job and am bringing in income.  Nights, weekends, summer vacation, easter break,  Christmas break, and mid-winter recess running after Isabella and planning fun things to do are enough for me.

I think it's cathartic to be with a group of mother's and talk about what we're struggling with because no one else can relate.  I think it's more beneficial to talk about how isolated being a mother can make you feel rather than the fact that little Johnny knows where his belly button is.  But I'm starting to think that I might be the only one who feels that way.  I think I'm missing the "mom gene."  
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Dani G said...

either the other moms are lying or there's something wrong with them. You're doing just fine. Promise.

Lindsey Brackett said...

There is nothing wrong with loving your job. It makes you a better mom because it makes you happy. And you know you are creating a better place for her when it's time for school.

Rachel said...

Your not missing any gene and you are not imperfect in any way. You are honest and braver than most women and can admit that you need something other than mothering to be full filled. This is not a bad thing! You should hear the way people question my decision not to have children they think I am less than a woman for it. Because breeding would of course make my life wonderful?? I would love children but have health conditions that are genetic and I chose not to chance that. But seriously you can work and love your children and your job!!

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