Thursday, February 17, 2011

When Mom Gets Sick

What the hell happens when mom gets sick?  Nothing really.  When baby gets sick a lot of fussing ensues. Lots of liquids.  Rest.  Baby Vicks.  Humidifiers.  Tylenol.  Hugs and kisses and cuddles.  When Dad gets sick there is a lot of whining, complaining, and pouting, but when mom gets sick you want to know what happens...Nothing!

Life must go on.  Families need to be fed.  Lunches need to be made.  Clothes must be washed.  Dishes...well the dishes will keep.

I'm in the throws of a full out sore throat.  Although calling it a sore throat is an insult, it should be called "the flaming throat of pulsating radiating fire that never goes away."  But I can't miss work because I'm saving my days for maternity leave for baby number 2 since nyc public school teachers get no paid maternity leave (I'm not trying to get pregnant I'm just building up my bank so don't put me on bump watch 2011).  Andy works.  I still have to take care of Isabella.  I have to feed her, even if it's just heating up something I know she'll eat without a fuss, re: mac and cheese.  After she goes to bed, I sip tea and rest and will my body to fight off the infection.

I really should just go to the doctor, but I hate to burn an entire evening sitting in the waiting room.  Do any of you guys have any home remedies for "the flaming throat of pulsating radiating fire that never goes away"?

Mom's never get a sick day!
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Mrs. E said...

Defiantly freeze pops! I always thought it was a kid thing, but if you keep eating them-a couple a day, it helps keep your throat cold and hurts less. Also cephcol(sp?) drops...suck on them, and it numbs your throat! Not too much besides some good ole antibiotics will help!
Hope you feel better!

ModernMom said...

Oh how awful. You are right.,..we Mama's don't get sick days! If you can stomach it...try gargling. Kill those germs! hope you feel better.

The Bipolar Diva said...

You're so right. When I read your first paragraph I wondered if you'd been in my house lately! Mom's get nothing when they're sick!
Feel better soon...

Erin said...

Oh I am sick today and have done nothing.. hubby stayed home and I stayed in bed almost all day.. I was not able to function let along take care of two kids! Thankful he could stay home.

Lindsey Brackett said...

Hot tea, ibuprofen, pray. Hate that you can't take a day...we get no paid maternity leave either. Why do people think teachers are capable of "planning" pregnancy so that it will ensure we give birth on the first day of summer vacation?

Rachel said...

Thera Flu, with honey and lemon preferably the night time kind so you can get some rest! It does the same thing as tea but it has tylenol and some other stuff in it for pain relievers. I swear by it when I am sick!

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