Wednesday, March 23, 2011


There are some things that I don't like that I'm just going to have to accept.

People will always gravitate more towards my sister than they do to me.  She's fun and quirky and cool where as I'm more serious, introspective, and timid.  Getting upset over it and feeling resentful of it or berating myself for it is not going to make one bit of difference.  She has her strengths and I have mine.  Just because mine don't garner the adoration of my friends and family doesn't mean that they're not important or good qualities to have.  I'll never be able to pull off multi-colored nails or a leopard head band like she does either.

I will never have the body of Megan Fox, Adrianna Lima, Anne Hathaway, or that skinny bitch at the gym who prances around in hot pants and a sports bra...never gonna happen.  I don't have the time or energy to exercise like they do or the self-discipline to not eat an entire box of 100 calorie packs of doritos in one night.  I would love to look all lean and toned.  I would love not to look at myself in the mirror and fight back the criticism.  I would love to be able to wear whatever I wanted without worrying about my wings, love handles, or jiggle.  I'm trying my best to eat right and exercise but I have days where I cheat and I've been gaining and losing the same 5 lbs since forever.  I'm trying to accept where my body is right now while still trying to become healthier, and hotter, too.

I will never have a circle of friends like they have on the TV show Friends or Sex and the City.  Those shows are fantasy and I don't keep in touch with my girlfriends as much as I'd like and I definitely don't have any close male friends in my life.  I like to watch shows like that and think about what it would be like, but it's just unrealistic for me and I accept that.

I would rather spend a Friday night curled up on my couch with a glass of wine and either a good book or my dvr.  I used to love to go out.  I loved to get dressed up and have cocktails with my girlfriends and dance all night long.  We'd hit up the diner at 4 am and get disco fries and coffee.  And while I still indulge that part of myself from time to time, I'm much more low key now.  I prefer happy hour to the sunrise and a place where I can catch up with my friends instead of scream to them over fist pumping music.  I need to accept that as I've grown older the wild side of me has mellowed a bit, although it's not completely faded yet.

I'm tired of fighting these truths.  It's far easier to accept them.  What have you had to accept?
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Resourceful Red said...

Ok first of all, does anyone have friends like the ones on S&tC?? Because I surely don't either!!

And going out is overrated! If we were closer I would love to come over and share a bottle of wine with u on a Friday nite!

Jess said...

I don't think anyone in real life has friends like SATC or FRIENDS. It's like you said, unrealistic. I mean really, to be so codependent and stuck up each others' rear ends like that all the time while it seems fun watching it on TV, it's not productive in reality at all. Adulthood kind of severs some ties with people, even the ones you thought you would be close to forever while at the same time brings new people to your life you never thought you'd ever hang out with or get to know. Good blog. There are so many things about myself that I need to come to terms with I could write my own post about it...maybe I shall do that in the near future...and link it up to yours... :-)

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