Thursday, March 31, 2011

Be Melissa

I've been thinking a lot lately about being who I am, being true to myself.  Not just in big ways, but in the small ways too.  Like pretending that I'm going to like spinach if I keep trying it.  I want to like it.  I try to like it, but I just don't.  I don't like spinach.  What other people like isn't necessarily what I like.  Emulating what someone you admire enjoys doesn't mean that it will bring you happiness.

For example:

I have a very close friend at work who loves to go out.  Out to dinner, out for drinks, out dancing, out for mani/pedis, just out, out, out.  And when I talk to her she makes me think, "Hmmm....maybe I should go out more."  But that's not me.  I'm happiest at home and that's just that.

I don't like to lift weights in front of all the meatballs in the back of the gym.  I much prefer to take the weights to a less grunty part of the gym and work out in peace.  I understand that those guys are probably very nice and they probably aren't paying one ounce of attention to me, but in my mind they are making fun of me and my candy ass approach to strength training.

I am enchanted by the idea of crafting.  I love to browse etsy and see the talents of amazingly talented people.  I love seeing what the ladies on my mom board create.  I love the birthday party themes that are crafted from scratch.  I love cupcakes that are made to look like Dora.  I've even googled a few "how-to's" on crafty items.  But I just don't have enough drive to actually go through with it.  I'd rather just buy it.

I don't like to ride bikes.  I know it's un-American, but I don't ride them ever.  If Isabella ever wants to learn how to ride a bike she better hit up her father.

I will never have an affection for sushi, pointy toed pumps, window shopping, buffets, writing with pencils, blowing out my hair, staying out late, taking a personal day from work when I'm not sick, tupperware, or watching any type of sporting events.

On the other hand...

I will always love curling up on the far left couch cushion and reading, playing on the computer, or watching bad reality TV, putting on makeup, clothes that fit, a good poop, good wine, Disney princess movies, busy days, summer bbq's with family, dive bars, singing really loud and dancing like a fool, Boston Market, organization, cleanliness, cooking on rainy days, uninterrupted sleep, and shopping for little girls.

I'm going to stop pretending that I'm someone I wished I could be and start Being Melissa.
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Mrs. MidAtlantic said...

This is awesome and inspiring. I think I might make a similar list for myself - all the things that make me who I am. Focus on the positive for once!

Miranda said...

This is such good perspective to have. Really. I could use a little more of it in my life!

It's so good to just figure out a way to embrace the stuff that makes us who we are.

(Though I do love to take the occasional personal day! It's a treat I give myself once a year!)

lady gray said...

well done mama, excellent post and perspective!

and, fwiw, i hate the grunty part of the gym as well. ick.

misssrobin said...

This is a happy post. I am glad you are going to be you. It's the only person you'll ever be fabulous at so it's a good choice.

More power to you being you!

Kristin from our growing garden said...

a good poop!! hahaha! I need to start being more ME too and wear a damn 1950's floral frock around if i want to and not worry what other boring people think :)

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