Thursday, March 3, 2011

Number Two

No I'm not sickening you with another poop post, I'm talking about baby number two.  I'm not pregnant, or even trying, but we've definitely decided that we want one more baby.  It was up in the air for a while, but Andy and I have finally committed ourselves to the idea that we're just crazy enough to try this baby thing out one more time for several reasons.

1.  When we are old and decrepit we will be needing someone to take care of us.  Isabella is smart and all, but what if she turns out to be some sort of starving artist or a grossly underpaid teacher like myself.  I need another egg in the basket.  I don't want to wind up at some second rate old lady home, I want the good kind with someone to come and tease up my blue hair ya know?

2.  Two kids can entertain each other.  That means that I can putter around the house more while the kids entertain themselves.

3.  When I'm dead I would like Isabella to have someone to help her through everything.  A sibling can do that better than anyone, assuming that they're close, which they need to be or else this whole thing is mute.

4.  Two kids means that I have double the chance that one of them will be successful and rich and maybe they'll throw they're old mom a few bucks and let me get an early retirement.

5.  One of them is more than likely to have kids thus ensuring that I become a grandmother some day.

Oh yeah, and there's that whole, little baby to love and raise and cherish forever bit ;)

But in all seriousness, Andy and I have decided that next spring we'll start trying for another baby and sometimes that thought is so exciting I feel like I'm going to burst and sometimes it completely terrifies me.  We've gotten to a point where things are so routine and easy (in relation to babyhood) that the thought of starting all over again with the night waking, sleep training, doctor's visits, and pumping make me want to cry.  But I see how fast Isabella is growing, how fast it all went and I get kind of excited at getting another chance at it, especially coming in knowing a thing or two and feeling more confident in my mommy skin.

We're also going to need a bigger house, which that whole ball of wax is scary enough, but we're outgrowing our townhouse a little bit more each day and I'm anxious for a little more leg room.
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Rachel said...

That is a lot to think about! Very exciting news!

Desi said...

My husband and I decided to start trying for baby #2 when liv is 3. I'm not up for trying until then because liv is a handful and I want to take advantage of a year, paid, maternity leave before we head back to the U.S.

Resourceful Red said...

YAY for thoughts on #2!!!

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