Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Prisoner of Winter

Guys, I hate to sound like a sad sac but I am so flipping sick of winter.  It's been a brutal winter in the North East.  It basically snowed from Christmas straight on through Valentines Day.  And I'm not talking pretty little snow flakes that left a sweet dusting on the ground, I mean 22 inches, 18 inches, piles of snow so high you swear you'll never see black top again.  But it's not just the snow, that still sits in piles and has effectively turned a lovely shade of gray, or the cold that sits down in your bones that's starting to get to me, it's mostly Isabella's winter wardrobe.

When I tell you I am so sick of her Fall/Winter clothes I am not messing around.  Aside from the fact that they are starting to get snug on her, they are so stained and dingy from months of wear that I hate to even look at them.  Stains from finger paint that's supposed to be washable, stains from face paint that was supposed to be washable, apple stains, fruit juice stains, spilled hot chocolate, frayed hems, missing mittens, boots with salt stains, and the hat that she loves to wear but it always messes up her ponytail.  My trusty shout just isn't doing the trick with these stains and I'm about ready to turn the whole lot of them into rags and have her live in pajamas until it's warm enough.

I just went Spring shopping for Isabella and I have bags and bags of pastel colored capri pants, sweet little sun dresses, t-shirts in vibrant yellows and oranges, and sandals, oh the sandals, but they just sit in the bags at the bottom of her closet just waiting for the thermostat to creep above 60 degrees.  I don't want to build another snow man or go to another indoor play ground or bounce up and down at bouncy houses at Bounce U.  I want to go to the park, I want to go for walks on the path, I want to sit by the pool.  Spring is only a few weeks away, but it feels like forever.

If you live in a warm climate it's safe to assume that sticking my tongue out at you behind your back!
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Rachel said...

I am with you on this one! This winter has walloped the heck out of us in Massachusetts! I really can't take much more of it, February might be the shortest actual month but it felt like the longest month ever!

Michelle said...

Hey, try Zout...G.L. from work told me a bout it a few years better than Shout!

This winter was a drag in terms of weather....on the bright side, it's light outside when we wake up and it isn't getting as dark so early anymore!!!!

Lindsey Brackett said...

Break out some of those sweet little tshirts on top of the stained long sleeves! Won't be long...but I live in Ga which is receipient of your tonge-stick-out right now. :)

lady gray said...

mama. i might be in the only part of the country that is guaranteed to see spring way after you do. it usually shows up here by.... oh... june? no joke. weather here this time of year sucks. (the summer is glorious, that's the only thing that makes it all worth it. of course, sometimes it doesn't start until nearly August, but, whatevs.)

love to you. you can make it!

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