Monday, April 11, 2011

Cutting the Fat and Cleaning it Up (HP)

I figured I'd use Mondays as a general Happiness Project update day.  April is my first month and I've dedicated it to organization.  I wrote last week about my resolutions for the month: Clean Up my E-Life, Deep Spring Clean, and Organize a Party.  Since then I've also added the One Minute Rule in which you don't put off any task that will take less than a minute.  For example, as I'm rifling through my closet, one of my cardigans slips off a hanger, instead of sighing in exasperation and saying, "Oh, I'll get it later." I just pick it up and put it back.  It takes 30 seconds but it's just one less thing to think about, ya know?  This rule also applies to hanging up my coat, putting my book back on the shelf, and putting my plate in the dishwasher and...well, anything else that takes less then a minute.  I also do a quick evening tidy up, but I've always done that.  

This week I really focused on cleaning up my e-life and my first task was to unsubscribe to all of those annoying promotional e-mails that incessantly flood my inbox, yeah that's right J Crew I'm talking to you!  50% off this, free shipping on that, 100% UNSUBSCRIBED.  This was relatively quick, I just needed to make sure I did it right away as soon as the e-mail came in, no procrastinating (see 1 minute rule above).  I've cut down on my e-mail in-flow considerable and I can actually get excited when I get an e-mail notification on my black berry because I know it's not Zulilly telling my I'm getting 70% off a $400 onesie, it's a FB message or a blog comment or an invite for a party.  It's something I can get excited about.  

Next on my list was to start whittling down my Facebook friends.  I can't tell you how many times I see a status update on my feed and I'm like, "Who the fuck is this?"  DELETED.  If I had to think about who you were for more than a minute...DELETED.  If all of your status updates were about how miserable you are, how you can't catch a break, or how you should be up for the "I Have the Worst Life" award...DELETED.  This was actually a lot more difficult for me than the e-mail thing because what if Mary Sue Miserable saw that I was no longer in her friends list and she got all pissy at me?  What if I needed to get in touch with Tony No Nose, who I haven't spoken too in 10 years, right away and now I had no way to do it?  All nonsense, but still it was a little harder than I thought.  I actually might go in and take another look to see if I kept anyone that should have been cut.  
Now I'm ready to tackle my 4 page long list of spring cleaning.  It's not pretty.  And it's not easy because trying to clean a house with a toddler is like trying to empty a beach one grain of sand at a time.  It's nearly impossible.  So every night after she goes to bed, or during nap time on the weekend, I try to do 2-3 things on my list room by room.  This weekend my mom actually took Isabella for two hours so I could do some heavy cleaning of my kitchen.  I have barely made a dent in my list, but one day over my break, Isabella is going to day care so Andy and I will have a full day to finish.  It's a good thing April is a long month!  Here are some before and after pics of my mess.  



I'm also planning on organizing a party for my sister later this month.  Oh and does anyone know why the formatting of pictures is so wack on blogger?  It's so annoying to try and drag them all over and I can't get them next to each other the way I want!
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Mrs. MidAtlantic said...

I love your one-minute rule. Without putting it in those exact words, that is exactly what I have been trying to incorporate into my life the past few weeks.

So now, I'm using your words. Welcome to my life, one-minute rule!

Resourceful Red said...

You have just inspired me to clean up my inbox too!!!

Carolyn said...

This is really an inspiring post! I'll go clean my ref too!

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