Sunday, April 17, 2011


I'm scared of a lot of things...birds, ketchup getting anywhere near me (I skeeve it and it makes me vom), and having to drive through a round-about.  But those are kind of silly, I'm talking about the fear that keeps you up at night.

You think you hear a noise in your kitchen and instead of drawing the logical conclusion that it's just the wind, I convince myself that there's a crazy, psycho lunatic in my kitchen who is going to rape and kill me. It will keep my wired up in bed before I'm able to relax myself and fall asleep.

I have an alarm system that I set every night, but then I think that maybe there's some techno whiz who moonlights as a serial killer and he can bust through my alarm and kill me.

Maybe I watch too much Law and Order: SVU and Criminal Minds, because some of the scenarios I play out in my head are borderline insane.  But hey, there are insane people out there.  Please tell me I'm not some crazy lune and some of you guys feel this way too...maybe it's just because I'm alone at night sometimes.
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Sarah said...

Ha! Funny - I just did a post about fear and the fear bubble I live in. It's amazing how our minds run free (especially at night). Nope, you are NOT along!

Rachel said...

You are definitely not alone! I live alone and I am always freaking out over every little noise! Round a bouts though are easy! We call them rotaries and there are a lot of them around here so I am very used to them!!

Eschelle said...

Yeah those shows would do that to ya lol, exact reason I don't watch those. I don't need help being paranoid about dangers lol, I can do that very well all on my own :D!

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