Friday, April 8, 2011

Up and Down

I've stated before that I'm moody.  Sometimes I'm so down that all I like to do is watch Gray's Anatomy and Private Practice, drink wine, and cry into my cabernet.  But sometimes I'm up.  I'm so up that all I want to do is drive with the windows down, pump up the music, and make plans to do things either with friends or setting up play dates for Isabella.

It's safe to say I'm a bit manic right now.  Mother Nature is beginning to show a slight inclination to turn from a raging hormonal bitch (I get it) to a docile pussy cat and I'm going with it.  I have a vacation coming up and so help me I believe I will have plans everyday, which will probably be annoying when the day comes, but I can't see that far ahead.

I'm just a bit extra moody.  Not enough to require prozac or anything, but I've known myself long enough to know to ride out the good times before I come crashing down.  Although, when I do come down I almost enjoy the pain.  It sounds weird but it's true.  My writing is better and I just *feel* more, I guess.
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bbjoys said...

I'm sorry you're feeling down. Hopefully things get better for you soon. ::hugs::

Adrienne said...

I hope you feel balanced again soon. I hate feeling "off".

Thanks for giving me such a wonderful compliment on my special SITS day last week. It meant so much that you liked my writing!

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