Monday, May 2, 2011

May: Physical (HP)

So I thrived the first month of my happiness project and I love the fact that every nook and cranny of my home is neat and organized.  It took a month to get it that way, but with a touch of upkeep I think I can keep it going.  Now is the real challenge...keeping all of last month's resolutions while adding on a whole bunch of new ones.

This month I'm focusing on the Physical.  This is a heavy undertaking as I've been struggling with weight issues since before I can remember and pregnancy only exacerbated already existent issues.  But it's not just the muffin top and thunder thighs that worry me, it's my skin, my teeth, my spirit, and overall health.  It's going to be a massive exercise in will power because there's so many tempting opportunities to eat, drink, and be merrily fat...Mother's Day and my birthday (celebration with Andy, celebration with girlfriends, celebration with coworkers).  But it's also a great opportunity to show restraint and not overindulge and I'm so excited about it.  Because, regardless of the positive uptone of the month for me personally, it's also one of the last months before bikini tankini season and I need to get the flab in check.

Here are my resolutions for the month...

Go To Bed Early: I wrote about it in my post about Adult Sleep Training but for reals I stay up way too late and it makes me sluggish and more prone to overeating to overcome that post lunch slump.  It also does nothing to alleviate the bags under my eyes which could smuggle in a family of four from a third world country.  And honestly, my DVR will still be there tomorrow.

Drink Green Tea: Dr. Oz says this stuff has antioxidants and it burns fat and I am so in love with Dr. Oz that I'm willing to believe every blessed word he says.  In fact, I might go as far to say that it is my number one goal in life to steal him away from his wife and make him my very own love muffin.  Yeah, put that in your pipe and smoke it Mrs. Oz. tea is officially a go.

Work Out Three Times Per Week: I basically do this anyway, but I'd like to keep it up.  Physical activity, be it the gym, running, or yoga, for 60 minutes 3-4 times a week.  I do need to shake up my routine as I've been doing the same exercises for about a year and not only am I bored with them, but I think my body has just gotten used to them.  So any great tips on gym work outs would be great.

Stick To My Points: It's funny how weight watchers only works when you track it consistently and honestly.  Which means that if I ate 7 cups of popcorn, I can't track it as 4.  And tracking mon-fri apparently isn't working either.  So I need to stick with it and learn to exercise some will power.

Skin Care: I need to moisturize, pimple fight, and lotion up consistently before I start looking like a used up old leather handbag.  AND TAKE OFF MY MAKEUP BEFORE BED.  I mean really, how many times does Marie Claire need to tell me to do this.

Oral Care: Brush twice a day, floss daily, listerine, and those whitening strips to make my coffee/wine/years of smoke stained teeth white and shiny again.

Limit Alcohol: I love me some wine and, especially now that it's summer, I love me some beer.  But wine and beer come with calories and lowered inhibitions, which make sex a lot more sexy, but also turn me into a bottomless pit of junk food consumption.  Last week, I got a bit tipsy on wine and ate 4 packs of hundred calorie pack doritos.  That's lame.  I need to limit my cocktails.

Dress Nicely, Do My Hair, Apply Makeup:  Not every day, but once a week at least for each of them. I actually went shopping and picked up a few nice pieces of clothes so I don't have to look like some sort of mismatched refugee.  My scalp is tight and burning from the pony-tail-itus that I apparently suffer from.  And I have a box full of naught used makeup that needs to be applied.  I feel better when I look better.  Putting in a few extra moments to make myself look, and feel good, is important.

I'm excited to devote time to my physical appearance.  Hopefully I'll lose some weight, look good, and be healthy.  I'm going to need to exercise a lot of will power, but I'm certainly going to do my best!
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Carolyn said...

Great list! Cheers for a good healthy May!

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Rachel said...

Great May list!! Sounds like you are going to be a brand spanken new woman come June!! Good luck!

misssrobin said...

Sounds like you're going like gang-busters. I'm tired just reading about it.

Best wishes for continued success. I hope you're enjoying every minute of it. Or, at least, most of them.

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