Monday, May 9, 2011

The Week of Extreme Lean

So this month's happiness theme is Physical and I decided to jump start my month with a week of Extreme Lean.  Meaning that I tried to follow all of my resolutions to a T and tried to keep my body pure.  Here's how it went.

Monday May 2:  I didn't snack at all at work today.  That's a big accomplishment.  I share a room with two skinny minnies who love to snack on chocolate, chips, and starburst.  It's a problem because we have two buckets filled with treats that I always succumb to.  Today I didn't.  I also avoided the evil BLT's (bites, licks, and tastes) that destroy my diet.  I got in some good exercise.  I wanted to track my points for the week, but only made it through for today.  I also wanted to be in bed by 10, but I missed it my like 30 minutes.  I took good care of my skin and I managed to floss.  I even wore a cute outfit to work today and my hair was down.  Not perfect, but not too shabby of a start.  I feel like I should be rewarded for my day by losing 5lbs immediately, the laws of physics disagree.

Tuesday May 3: Another day with no snacking and limited processed foods.  Unless triscuit crackers aren't processed.  I stopped eating dinner when I was full instead of eating extra because it tasted good.  I was really tempted to grab a butterfinger bar at work, but I held strong.  I'm drinking green tea and I actually shaved my legs.  I'm feeling good, but I'm still not in bed early.  Boo!

Wednesday May 4th: I was so tempted today to try to convince Andy to go out to dinner, but I decided that my sweet potato and black bean whole wheat enchiladas would have to do.  I snacked on some popcorn at lunch, but overall I've really kept up with my whole eating healthy and working out bit.  I feel better and I feel lighter, maybe not skinnier but definitely lighter.  Bed time is a problem still, so I think I might just need to focus an entire week just to an early bed time because it doesn't seem to be happening for me this week.  It's always hard when Andy is on midnights because by the time I get Isabella in bed, go to the gym, shower, and get myself set up for the next day it's already 10pm.

Thursday May 5th: Happy Cinco de Mayo!  This day usually meant scarfing down tacos and guzzling down margaritas, but sadly that was not the case during the week of extreme lean.  I did have dinner and cocktails with a girlfriend of mine...I ate a half portion of quesadilla (hold the sour cream) and two coronas.  Not healthy by any stretch of the imagination, but it could have been a hell of a lot worse.  I dressed nicely and actually felt a bit pretty.  I even work makeup to work today.  So I didn't do great today:  bad food, alcohol, and no exercise, but it's ok...I'll try again tomorrow.

Friday May 6th: I was worried about really really worried.  For some reason on Fridays I like to reward myself for eating healthy all week with chocolate and potato chips, but not this Friday in this month of Physical Happiness during the week of Extreme Lean, I would be strong and I would not succumb to starburst and sour cream and onion pringles.  And I did!  I stuck all day at work and I had a super healthy dinner.  Andy actually asked if I wanted to go out to dinner since he was working nights on Mother's Day and I passed, but we decided we'd still go out for drinks since we hadn't really seen each other all week.  I had two light beers and stopped myself.  I was dying for wings, but didn't ask for them.  I felt a bit bloated from the beer, but once I poop I know I'll be ok.

Saturday May 7th: Ok, here's the rough stuff, Saturday, no work structure to keep me on point.  I really need to watch my grazing and keep away from the blt's.  I did really well.  I won't say I was perfect because I definitely picked off Isabella's plate which I really really did not want to do, but it was definitely in moderation and way less than what I would have done.  I didn't eat as many fruits and veggies as I do during the week, but I still ate some.  I went to the gym and I'm feeling really healthy.

Sunday May 8th: Mother's Day!  The one day I'm allowing myself to indulge in a delicious brunch prepared by my wonderful husband, but I monitored my hunger and I stopped when I was full and I did the same thing at dinner.  I feel that since I was really good all week I could indulge a bit without going overboard and still be ok.

I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow and see how this week went.  Regardless of the number I'm proud of myself and I think I might do another Week of Extreme Lean, but don't worry I won't chronicle every step diary style, I actually like having readers.
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