Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Apple Don't Fall Far From the Tree

Aside from just looking like me, Isabella has inherited a lot from me and let me tell you, there's nothing like seeing your own idiosyncrasies playing out in your own child.  Most of it is good.  She inherited my love of books and my intelligence...did you know she knows all the letters and their sounds and she can count to 20?  Hey, a mom can brag.  She got my eyes and my nose.  Her love of chocolate, carbs, and cheese can all be traced back to me.  She's very diplomatic and I'd like to think she got that from me.

But there's something that she inherited from her mama that's not so great.  The poor kid is a perfectionist.  She gets so frustrated when she can't line up her toys exactly the way that she wants them.  She tries so hard with her little fingers to get things the way she wants them and when she can't she completely falls apart.  It's so sad to watch because I get the same way.  Easily frustrated when things don't go my way.

 It's really kind of forced me to slow down and watch how I act around her.  When she drops food or spills a drink she's all, "Oh, no! Clean it up" and I don't want her to be all balled up like that, worrying about every little thing like I do.  I want her to be carefree and have no worries.  She's a very intense little girl when she wants to be and I just don't think her toddler years should be fraught with worry about whether or not the amount of rocks she has on her right side are equal to the amount of rocks she has on her left side.

I guess kids pick up on more than we think they do.
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Alex said...

kids pick up on everything... i've learned that the hard way.. I try to be calm and collected when I'm around him because I don't want him acting like me .. I want him to be better.

And if we want them to be better.. we have to be too.

great post

Lil'Misa said...

It is soo true! When Carter gets frustrated he makes fists and screams. What does Eric do when he gets frustrated, he makes fists and screams. The first time we both saw him do it we just laughed. Hopefully, Carter will also inherit Eric's easy going attitude.

Jayme said...

I hate noticing my faults in my kids- knowing that I passed them on to them.

Scullyhoyy said...

It is so crazy what they pick up from us. Smart little kiddos :)

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