Friday, June 3, 2011

It Smells Like Summer

I love summertime.  Love it.  I love the balmy heat.  The afternoon naps.  I love seeing Isabella in her bathing suit and ponytail jumping around in the pool.  I like eating grapes in the shade with a cool bottle of water.  I love it when the house is full of people and the bbq is fired up and we all eat dinner outside.  I love the sound of little girl giggles when they're chasing bubbles.  I love the look of sidewalk chalk on the deck.  I love the cool feel of the air conditioner after a long play at the park.  I love how the day stretches out before you, unplanned and waiting.  I love cold beer and colder ice cream.  I love the terrible summer television.  I love breezy sundresses and open toed shoes.  I love pretty pedicures and Thursday night happy hours.  I love family vacations and day trips to Sesame Place.  I love rain showers and puddle jumping.  I love fresh fruit.  I love the sound of the ice cream truck.  I love all the wonderful things that summer brings.

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Alex said...

Yay for summer ..especially the beer and ice cream ;)

The little one is adorable.

Rachel said...

Yea Summer! Ice cream and bbq! I love summer too!

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