Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Unfortunate

...that if you're thin anything looks good on you.  Bonus points if you're tall.  I guess that's not so unfortunate if you're thin and tall, but if you're short and fluffy like me, it kind of is.

...that the one night you stay out late with your girlfriends will be the one morning your child decides to wake up at the ass crack of dawn; earlier than she's woken up in months.

...that sun tans give you cancer, because they also make you look thin and healthy.

...that I live in the "waiting place".  I love taking baths, but I'm always all, "I have too much to do, I'll squeeze in a bath next week"  or "I really want to see that movie, but this week is too busy"  or "I really love that shirt, but I'm going to save it for something special" What the hell am I waiting for?

...that there's not an extra hour in each day.

...that there is so much uncertainty in life and hopes and dreams can be dashed by an event that completely blindsides you.

...that saving money is no fun.

...that it will be sunshine and rainbows all week, but rain buckets on the weekend.  
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Desi said...

Happy Birthday Isabella!! And your cake turned out amazing :)

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