Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Keeping It Going

I'm FREE!  Yesterday was my very last day of work for 10 weeks.  Lord how I love me my summer vacation.  And I know that the majority of you reading this are rolling your eyes and hating on me and my fellow teachers, but I'm too happy to care, and you can always go back to school to become a teacher so quit it.  Plus we get paid like nothing.

But, a teaching debate is not the point of this post.  The point is that my life just went from completely structured to completely unstructured in a day.  Since I started eating clean in May I've lost 8lbs.  Not that that's a ton (about a pound a week), but it made a big difference and I'm finally starting to not hate my body even though I'd like to lose another 5-8 lbs.  I'm just worried that along with all the free time, sunshine, and vacationing that summer brings, it also brings along bbq's, beer, and time at home where I'm left to graze or eat out of boredom (a big eating trigger of mine).

I'm apprehensive about keeping my momentum going.  I've already had 2 bad weekends and now I don't have the luxury of structured week days to get myself back on track.  I'm worried about my willpower.  I've worked really hard and I'm really proud of the effort I put into getting here and I do not want to gain it all back over the summer.

I've decided to keep up with my meal planning and prep work and prepare for the days as if I was still working.  I'm usually out and about with Isabella when it's nice outside so I can pack our food to go and during nap time I'm going to try to keep busy with other stuff.  Plus I work out a lot more in the summer. That's what I got so far on keeping the weight loss going, but I'm open to any other tricks of the trade that you guys might have to share, especially SAHM who deal with this more regularly.  Any advice is appreciated.
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Everyday Mama said...

Stopping in from SITS! Sounds like you are still so disciplined...I have no willpower but I've always wanted to try the eating clean diet. you start your day and end your day with a cup of hot water and lemon? That usually does the trick!

The BabbyMama @ IKHIBF said...

Here's a thought... WHY keep the momentum going? Enjoy your summer? So few of us grownups get one, so don't waste it :)

confidenceiseverything said...

I think all teachers need a summer off to recover from a long nine months with children... summers are what teachers need. And those who complain that teachers have the summer off they should try being a classroom teacher! I had to add that!

I just recently started eating healthier too and changed all of my eating habits. It makes anyone feel good about themselves when we are living a healthy lifestyle.

Resourceful Red said...

you have the song "schools out for summer" stuck in my head!!

oo and btw, gave u an award:

Dani G said...

10 weeks?! Wow!! Enjoy it, mama!

Alex said...

enjoy!!! and congrats on the weight loss.

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