Friday, July 1, 2011

I Need Advice on Flying

If you've ever flown with a toddler I need your advice.

What should I expect?
What should I bring on the plane?
Did your kid ride in the car seat or solo?
What was the deal with ear popping?
Was it as a wretched experience as I'm imagining?

Tell me your story!

Andy and I, along with my mother and sister, are getting ready to take Isabella to Disney World!  I'm beside myself with excitement but I'm worried about the logistics of getting there, especially since Isabella has recently decided that she was going to add "car sick" to her resume of skills.

I'm also seeking advice on what I should expect from a toddler in Disney in July.  Should I stock up on wine or go straight for the hard stuff?
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Mrs. MidAtlantic said...

I have flown with Laura several times - and by myself each time except once. Pack lots of snacks and drinks. They let you fly with drinks for toddlers, just be ready for a little extra time at security!

I try to bring some books and toys she hasn't seen in a while. And of course her bestie, Lamb. Don't board first. She'll get antsy waiting for everyone else to board.

If you are gate-checking a stroller, get it tagged at the help counter as soon as you get to your gate. Gate-checking is super easy.

If you are planning to take a carseat, check it before security. Most airlines don't charge for checking a carseat!

Bring your most patient self and a big smile. A happy, calm mom helps other passengers and staff to feel more inclined to help you out!

Mrs. MidAtlantic said...

Oh, and I have Laura on my lap most flights. The last time, Hubby was with us so Laura could sit between us after we raised the arm rest. Can't wait till she's two and has to get her own seat...

Dani G said...

My best advice is to bring something for her to drink of the way up and on the way down. As long as she's swallowing, her ears won't bother her too much :)

mtendere said...

We've flown a bunch. We always take our car seat with us because we are scared of checking it, plus if there is an extra seat on the plane, they will let you use it. We've only had to put her on our lap a few times. Wait, isn't she 2 already? Then she'll have her own seat and you may have to carry it on or get a harness thingamabob. Sprout was wayyyy happier in her carseat because she knew she couldn't get out. The drawback is that we had some come-to-jesus chats about kicking the seat in front of us.

New toys, books, whatever keeps her busy along with snacks and a sippy cup. Remember that it can be cold on the plane, so bring her a sweater. And don't bother packing anything for yourself to do on the plane. Cause you'll be busy with her :)

Rachel said...

I don't have any flying tips but Disney tips I have.
1. Go slow and take naps! Do not try and skip her nap to get more done you will regret it big time!
2. Rent a stroller or bring your own either way it is your best friend. Mark it so it is recognizable a balloon or a brightly colored ribbon on the handle works well. There are a million strollers that look just like yours!
3. Bottled water only! Do Not Drink the water! I cannot stress this enough. I have dealt with many an upset stomach (no details) from tummies that were not used to the tap water frequent bathroom trips are not fun!
4. I have only been to Disney in July once. The lines are a bit longer and the weather is hot. It rains quite a bit. Use the rain to your advantage. It only lasts a few minutes run for cover but wait it out. Lots of people leave the parks when it starts if you wait it out you will find the lines die down quite a bit for a while after the showers end!
5. A lot of the rides in Disney World are dark (as in have little light not as in dark themed). It can be a little scary for a 2 year old even a tame sounding ride like Peter Pan can be a little creepy so don't be surprised by this!
6. Have fun!
If you have any specific questions let me know I love Disney World and I have been with kids, without them and wit people of all ages!

Laney said...

I am going to need to ask the same question come november. We are going to disney then. Good Luck & I hope everything works out wonderfully.

Lil'Misa said...

1. Be the very last to get on the plane.
2. Bring a DVD player with her favorite dvds to keep her occupied.
3. Bring new toys and books for the flight. We had new toys for the flight there and different for our flight back.
4. Lollipops for the the ear popping! Give one to her at take off, wrap it and give it back at landing.

We tried to plan the sleeping for on the plane and it back fired on us. He couldn't sleep with all of the new interesting stuff around him. We had a tired cranky and, on the way, home sick baby. Everyone told us to have him nap on the plane but he is a special snowflake and that just didn't work.

ShorT1882 said...

We just flew to disney this month with Evelyn. We bought her her own seat and she sat in between us for the flight and on my lap for take off & landing. I prepped her like a week before about flying on an airplane ::insert made up songs here:: and then sang it on the plane as we took off. DORA...she was a wonderful entertainment. Snacks! New toys. We were very lucky, on the way home it was just past naptime when we took off so she actually fell asleep and stayed that way til we landed. As far as the parks are concerned, it will be HOT. Try and go to the parks early, bring bottled water and get one of those mister fans ahead of time. We went back to the hotel after lunch through the hottest part of the day so we could cool down and she could nap. Couldn't have been a better trip! Go with the flow :-)

The BabbyMama @ IKHIBF said...

We brought plenty of snacks, toys (little ones), books, and the car seat! I wouldn't let the Babby ride alone in a car and I've read about totally survivable incidents where the only casualties were little kids who slipped out of seatbelts and lap babies. PLUS then you have a car seat with you when you get to where you're going!

Kathy said...

At this very moment, we are in Philadelphia, on a layover back home to Florida. My 2.5 year old Lily is doing great, despite a lot of bottled energy. You are traveling with others which will be a BIG help. The hubby just took our girl for a walk, looking at planes and playing in the gift shop. Ask your travel partner(s) to take her for 20 minutes so you can gain some sanity inbetween your home and your destination. The best thing we did was buy a $99 DVD player from Walmart (which I will be returning when we get home). We packed some of her elmo and mickey DVDs and she was totally content. We flew at 9pm when we left last week, so she was asleep in an hour. If you are flying at night (which helps!) bring jammies and change her before boarding. It'll help her realize that she can sleep on the plane. Lily has her own seat - no car seat - though we did bring it so we didn't have to pay for one when renting a car. She kept her seatbelt on the whole time and sat in her seat.
As for Disney (which is an hour from our home), take your time. If you have a few days, don't rush. It will be HOT. However, it'll get cloudy in the afternoons with thunderstorms - that'll bring some releaf. Buy lots of water and put her in light, flowy clothes and lots of sunscreen!! We haven't taken ours to Disney yet - we're making that a 3rd birthday activity. Have fun!!

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