Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Potty Training

I'm not into it.  I know it will make my life easier.  I know it's cheaper than buying diapers, but I really have to admit that this is one rite of passage I am not looking forward to.  Obviously it has to happen eventually, but it's so much easier to just change her diaper than to have to try and convince her to sit on a potty.

And-plus-also, I don't think she's even close to ready.  She'll sit in a shitty diaper all day if I let her.  She doesn't tell me if she's wet or dry and if I ask her if she wants to go on the potty, she just says no.  The only small sign of readiness is that she likes privacy when she does her business.  So I think maybe we'll see how I feel at the end of the summer and if she's still not ready and I'm still not ready, we'll reevaluate in a few months.  I mean, I figure at some point she'll have to be potty trained.

I'm also not in any rush to get her in a big girl bed.  I like her nice and contained in her crib.  And so far, she hasn't tried to climb out.
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Mrs. MidAtlantic said...

If she's not showing interest, she's not ready. And if she's not ready, it's not worth the stress for you. You'll know when she's ready!

Bethany said...

We are in the same boat. My sweets could have the same diaper on all day long if I let her and not bat one single eye lash. I think I have become lazy about it...but she shows no interest.

Wiley said...

I had the same thoughts pretty much with my older son. He went to preschool and they insisted that he potty train during the day, but I gave him absolutely no pressure and just took five sets of clothes each day.

Then one day he asked to wear underwear and so we said sure. Since then in the year and a half he has had two accidents total, one at night and one when he was too excited at a party and had a poop accident.

It may be the lazy in me coming out, but I really think that unless there is some reason they need to be potty trained (like a mothers day out to save your sanity), waiting until they want to is so much better.

Now that I've declared this, I fear number two will bite me in the butt when the time comes!

Good luck (and really, changing diapers is so not hard..)

Neuffj said...

So not looking forward to this when I have kids

Moissanite Jewel said...

Potty Training is a total P.I.T.A. My little girl started at around 2 and a half. She did good, but her first accomplishment was an accident. She didn't do it herself, it just happened and it frightened her.

Now at 3, her grandma still pushes getting her potty trained. I try to push her to not be afraid of the dang thing. Getting closer with progress that way!

I hope when she's ready, you're ready too.:)

Good luck to you Sitsgal.

Rachel said...

ahh no sense in worrying about it until you are both ready! It will just be an unnecessary battle of wills. In my opinion mothers of two year old daughters have enough of those without creating more!

Desi said...

Liv could also care less if she had shit in her pants...I'm actually dreading potty training. I'm in no rush.

Nicole said...

My son is 23mo and he takes his diaper off before he poops. His poop schedule unfortunately is "when he's napping". So not only do I have to clean child, I have to clean sheets 2x a day! I tried the 3 day method - didn't work, he is not able to 'tell' me he has to go yet. I am a teacher, so I figured I would try at the beginning of the summer and then the end of the summer.

Dana said...

I am with you 100% I've let each of my kids decide and all three potty trained at totally different ,y son at 3 my second daughter at 2 and now my 3rd was at 2 but now I guess she is taking a break from it.hahaha I just remind myself she wont go to to kindergarten with a diaper on :-)

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