Friday, July 15, 2011

The Un-Milestones

There are milestones in our kid's lives that we wait for and look forward to.  The first time your baby smiles at you, those first precious steps, the first words.  Whether you were right there for it, watched it on a video, or had to see it another time.  And for the record, I'm a working mom and I was here for her first steps, but in the shower the first time she rolled over so it really is a crap shoot whether you're around or not, but whenever you see it it's the first time for you.  But sometimes it's the un-milestones that get you.  The things that gradually fade out as your kid gets older.

Isabella used to always let me read her books.  Before nap time and bed time she and I would lie on the floor or snuggle up in my bed and I'd read her a bunch of books.  Then she slowly started showing a preference for certain books.  Fine.  But now she reads to me.  Every time I try and read to her, she says, "No mommy, I read it to you."  And it's sweet and she's so smart, but I miss reading to her.

We used to sing Twinkle Twinkle every night before bed and it was so sweet because she would sort of gently hum along with me, but now we have to sing all different songs, like "Peppino" or "London Bridge" or "If You're Happy and You Know It" real silly, shitty songs that do not feel like my sweet Twinkle Twinkle bed time.

She wants to dress herself, put on her own shoes, and draw her pictures by herself.  My baby isn't such a baby anymore, she's turning into a little girl.  So when she's doing something that's really obnoxious, I try and think of a time when she won't be so endearing.  It's the little things that slip away that sometimes I miss the most.

Sneaking in a picture because she won't sit still for a family pic anymore.
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Megan said...

Oh it is so fun when they become too busy for the family picture!!!!! She is so cute!

Neuffj said...

Just think of all the fun stuff yet to come. Maybe that will help you get over some of the things that have slowly slipped away? I don't know, but she sure is cute!

Stepha said...

Awww I'm sad for you! I will miss the little things like swaddling her to sleep, singing to her, feeding her etc!!! I'm glad I can look to you for a reference!!! Lol!

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