Sunday, August 28, 2011

Free Diet E-Book...Because Who Isn't on a Damn Diet

This is a guest post from Elizabeth T. on diet, exercise, and healthy living.  At the end of the article find a link for a free diet e-book (note, you will need to enter an e-mail address).  This is not a sponsored post and I was not compensated for it in any way.
A Healthy Lifestyle - Food Choices, Exercise and Nutritional Supplements
by Elizabeth T
There are many factors that are necessary to successfully live a healthy life. For many, leading a healthy life is more than just eating healthy; it requires an entire lifestyle change. Better health will improve your appearance and weight, boost energy, and improve your health in the short and long term.  It is important to eat healthy meals, exercise regularly, and take useful health supplements.  With these steps, anyone can feel, look, and be healthier. This free health ebook provides details on all these components necessary for a healthy lifestyle.
Eating the right foods is important for your health. First, you must incorporate lean protein into your diet. Protein takes longer to burn in the body and is necessary to maintain muscle. Carbohydrates are also important as they are the main energy source for the body. However, you need to eat the right kind of carbohydrates, not those which are labeled as “empty” carbs.  It is also important to have fat in your diet. But as with carbohydrates, there is “good” fat and “bad” fat. “Good” fat will help you lose weight and has been proven to promote heart health. Discover the best types of protein, carbohydrates, and fats to add to your diet, as well as meal plans that are built specifically on the best food choices for a healthy lifestyle.
A healthy lifestyle requires exercise to achieve weight loss. Successful exercise should be fun and should combine resistance training with cardiovascular exercise. Cardio will exercise your heart and burn calories. Resistance training helps to tone muscle and increase your metabolism. Learn about the many different types of exercises for cardio and resistance training. Choose from a range of low to high impact exercises and schedules that keep exercise effective and fun.
Nutrient supplements are another component of healthy living. However, not all supplements are created equal. Don’t be mislead by marketing tags; discover supplements that can be used to reach your goals. Discover how different supplements work and which ones are most effective for your health. Learn all about the key supplements that can help with weight loss and health.
Take the needed steps to become healthy. Look and feel good all the time. Being healthy is a trend that will never go out of style. It will take time to make a complete lifestyle change, but over time and with perseverance, anyone can achieve a healthy lifestyle. Take each day, one at a time. Use the meal plans and exercise schedules in this diet ebook to your advantage and stay positive.

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