Monday, August 8, 2011

The One Sentence Journal

August's Happiness Project theme is Parenting and one of the resolutions that was the most interesting was the one sentence journal.  It's something that I can keep up with because it's not too demanding, but it still requires a few minutes of my time to sit down and reflect on the one sentence that best captures Isabella that day.  I'm using the Happiness Project Toolbox to track it all and here's what I've done so far (copied and pasted straight out of my journal).  I don't have one for every single day and some of them are more than one sentence because I am a bit long winded.

8/04/11 - We went to Sesame Place today, just me, Isabella, and my mom. She wanted me to hold her hand when she was in the carriage and she yelled and shrieked with delight at Ernie's Bouncy Bed.

8/05: After we picked Isabella up from school we took her to the park and there's this big pond here with ducks. First she chased half the ducks back into the pond and then chased the last 2 around a tree begging for a hug or a high five.

8/6: Today I'm sick, like really sick. I told Isabella that I wasn't feeling well and she tried to take my temperature, which was painful for my ear, and then said, "Now you feel all better."

8/7: My sister took Isabella to a birthday party since I'm still too sick and after she put her dress on she said, "I'm the most beautiful girl at the party." She's not exactly humble lol.

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Rachel said...

Ahhh who needs humble right? Every girl should feel like the most beautiful girl at the party!

ModernMom said...

I just learned about the 1 sentence journal this week at a conference. I think it is a wonderful idea!

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