Friday, August 26, 2011

Today I Hate

I'm hating the battle every single time it's time to change Isabella's diaper or outfit.  Seriously, it takes like 20 minutes of asking-begging-arguing-haggling-and eventually getting her to get dressed or get her diaper changed.  It's exhausting and I hate it and it makes me feel like a shitty ass parent whose kid won't listen and it makes me want to velcro her to the floor to make changing time easier.

I'm hating that everything she wants to do has to be "all by myself."  I get it kid, you're independent.  That's great for her in the long run, but right now for me in the short term it's so frustrating.  She has to buckle herself into the car seat, climb in and out of the tub by herself, put on her shoes, climb into the stroller, in fact the only thing she doesn't want to do by herself is get dressed (see above).

I hate that in order to be healthy and skinny you have to diet and exercise.  Really, why can't mac and cheese be healthy instead of broccoli?  I'd much rather sit around watching What Not to Wear then running or hitting the gym.  I'm hating that instead of the ice cream sundae I want for dessert, I'm eating watermelon and instead of the bacon cheeseburger for dinner I'm eating citrus grilled chicken.

I'm hating that we're on such a tight budget right now.  I see my sister having all these fun experiences and going shopping and buying all this awesome stuff, while I sit home and wear the same old things because I just can't afford it.  I understand that we need to save money to buy a bigger house, but sometimes it really, really sucks.  I was invited to do a fun thing on Thursday and a fun thing on Monday and I want to do them both, but I can't.

I'm hating that there are kid toys all over my living room.  I can't keep them all in her room because then I'd have to sit in there all day when she played with them.  I really can't wait to have a house that can accommodate all this kiddie toy crap so I don't have to be surrounded by it.  Ahhhh, what it will be like to have an adult looking living room again.

Today I'm kind of hating on everything and not afraid to bitch about it.  Tomorrow will be better, but honestly, today kind of sucks.  
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Mrs. MidAtlantic said...

I get the "I Hates" from time to time too. I started feeling the "I Hates" yesterday, so I brewed myself a cup of tea and sat down to find things I hated a little less. It felt good to focus on the bad just enough so I could relax with the positive.

Lil'Misa said...

Oh my lord, Carter is a bear when we get him dressed every single day. It is my most unfavorite part of the day. He screamd and cries and won't let me change him. Ugh!

manda said...
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