Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Broadway Review

Recently I had a big broadway bonanza where I gave a bunch of tickets away.  I finally got to go and see two of the shows, ImaginOcean and The Gazillion Bubble Show

The Gazillion Bubble Show was fantastic.  Deni Yang, who was pretty handsome by the way, created a spectacular show of bubbles.  There were bubbles inside bubbles, big giant bubbles,  bubbles filled with fog that burst into little tufts of smoke, colored bubbles, and at the beginning and end, a wall of bubbles that covered everyone in the audience.  Throughout the show, there were clips of Deni performing and backgrounds on his family.  Also, there was a part of the show where he brought up children from the audience to take part in the fun.  I took Isabella, my mom, and my niece and we had such a great time.  The theatre in NYC where it's held (New World Stages) is small so everyone had a great view of the stage.  If you're ever in the NYC area I definitely recommend seeing it.  There's a great chance I'm going to take Isabella to see it again because she talked about it to everyone for like 4 days afterwards.

ImaginOcean also started and ended in a great way...with bubbles!  Apparently kids really go nutso for bubbles.  But ImaginOcean was cool because it was puppets all in irridescent black light, so you couldn't see the people controlling the three fish.  The colors were really bright and it told the story of 3 fishy friends trying to find a hidden treasure, and, of course the true treasure was their friendship.  This show was less than an hour so it might be a great way to start out with a little one who you're not sure how long they will sit for.
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Ooh, these shows sound fun!

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