Friday, September 16, 2011

Flashback Friday Twihards

To say the girls and I were obsessed with the Twilight Saga is akin to saying that John Goodman is chubby.  It just ain't the truth.  We would read, re-read, and dissect the books and the movies ad nauseum.  We discussed the pros and cons of being with Edward as opposed to Jacob.  We worried if Charlie would ever find love.  We cursed the abomination of Stephanie Meyers imagination that allowed Edward to produce sperm despite the fact that his lungs do not produce air nor his heart blood.

This picture was taken on opening night of the first movie.  We waited in line with the twelve year old girls (and their twihard moms) clad in t-shirts.  Teresa and I are the only Team Jacob's.  We like Edward, but Jacob's happiness means more to us.

This was Isabella's first movie...I was 2 ish months pregnant or so

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Jocelyn said...

Love this! My girlfriends and I were just discussing today where to see Breaking Dawn when it comes out in November. :)

Barbara Jean said...

I haven't gotten into the Twilight saga yet, but maybe I should give it a try this winter. Might be good winter reading....

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