Thursday, September 1, 2011

Potty Training Begins

I recently wrote about how I'm feeling really lazy about potty training (Click HERE to read all about it).  I wasn't up for it and I didn't think she was.  However, lately she's been really into the potty.  She likes to sit on it and she loves the toilet paper, and then I went to pick her up at school at the beginning of the week and on her sheet it said that she sat on the potty like 3 times.  So even though I'm still feeling really lazy about it, it seems that she's getting revved up by it so I decided to take her lead and plunge into potty training.

For those of you living under a rock, the north east was pounded by Hurricane Irene, since I live in Jersey, we were slated for a direct hit so I figured I would use those 48 hours indoors to really tackle the training.  So in an effort to prepare myself, I googled.  The results were so numerous that I really just didn't know where to start.  Some said to start at 18 months, others said 36 months, some said use pull-ups, some said run around naked.  But they all seem to say that if you don't keep potty training positive you will shame your kid into being a sociopath.  So I closed the computer and asked my real live cousin Nicole who has been there and done that with her daughter.  She said that she kept her bare bottom and took her to the potty a lot and used M&M's to help with incentives.

Ok, that seemed simple enough.  So Saturday morning I took off the diaper and let her run around bare assed.  She peed on the potty no problem and once she saw she was getting a treat (candy, TV show, craft etc) she was even more into it.  We lost power on Sunday so she was a little hesitant to pee in a darkened bathroom even with a flashlight, so we had a few more accidents on Sunday than Saturday, but she still did a pretty decent job.  Although, we went for a walk late Sunday afternoon once the weather cleared up and she peed in her shorts, which struck me as kind of funny.

So here is what's going well:  she'll sit on the potty whenever I ask her to (I try to have her sit on it every 30-45 minutes), if she has to pee she does, and sometimes she'll go in herself without me if she has to go before the timer goes off.

Here are the challenges:  she will not poop on the potty.  It's been several days and she will poop on the floor or outside on the deck like an untrained poodle.  I'm not sure if she's scared to poop on the potty or if it's a sign she's maybe not ready.  She'll still have pee accidents on the floor sometimes (1-2) a day.

Here are my concerns: What happens if we have to take her for a long car ride? We've been lying low this week to get her into the swing of things, what happens when it's time to go on an outing?  I'm going to send her to school in pull-ups, but other than that I'm planning to just stick with panties (except for nap and bed time, I'll tackle that after day time is established).

I'm accepting any and all potty training stories, advice, and answers.  Now excuse me while I scrub the poop off my floor.
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Jocelyn said...

Unfortunately I don't have any advice, as our daughter just turned 13 months. But I'll be following along to see how things go for when our time comes. I have heard, though, that getting them to poop on the potty always seems harder than peeing. Hopefully you won't have too much poop to scrub up!

Working Mommy said...

Good luck with potty training!! We haven't gotten that far yet...but we are close. I have the potty and we even got one that makes cheering noises when she goes. So far - no dice. I hope this moves faster in the near future, because I am feeling lazy already!


Kelli said...

We make sure we potty before we leave the house. We also keep a travel potty in the trunk. Yes, my child has peed in parking lots and on the side of the highway.

We also use a piddle pad in her carseat. So far so good with that.

Just keep asking if she has to go. I would ask so often that people would make fun of me. It was better then cleaning up an accident!

It is such a great feeling to not have to run out and get diapers!

Good luck!

AndreaLeigh said...

I'm watching the replies on this one. My son is 19 months and I feel like I should be introducing the potty to him.

good luck! i hope this continues to go well for you!

Thanks for stopping by on my SITS Day! I really do appreciate it. Hope you will visit again sometime!

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