Monday, September 12, 2011

September Happiness...Work

I've been really dragging my feet writing this post, as you can tell that it's September 12th and I'm just sitting down to focus on my September Happiness theme of work.  But as a teacher, there really is no better time to focus on my work then right now.

I really love what I do.  I can honestly say that I couldn't picture myself doing anything else, except maybe writing or being a Beverly Hills Housewife.  But this year I'm really dragging.  I'm adjusting to the fact that I'm back in the classroom after a year of doing a job I loved as a Reading Teacher.  I'm adjusting to the fact that I have a really big class.  And I had such a great summer that I'm really adjusting to not being home with Isabella...of drinking my coffee in the car listening to Elvis Duran and the Morning Show instead of curled up on the couch flipping through a magazine while Isabella watches Alice in Wonderland.  But like it or not, I'm back at work and it's time that I focus on bringing my happiness there.

Since I already love my job I feel like that's a plus, if you were doing this happiness project and hated your job maybe you could focus on finding one that you like, not that I think any of you are actually doing this with me, but if you ever feel that urge.  Here are my September resolutions:

Try New Things: I'm good at what I do, but I think I need to shake things up a bit.  Sometimes I'm afraid to try something new in my classroom because I'm scared that it won't work out or because I already have all the "stuff" to do it the old way.  I want to branch out and try new things and if it doesn't work it doesn't work.  I think I'm ready to grow a little bit professionally.  Maybe integrate more projects and group works and vamp up my lesson plans.

Ask for Help: Picture this, a classroom overrun with new supplies.  A to-do list that is two pages long.  A stack of papers needing to be looked at.  A cup of pencils that need to be sharpened.  Someone walks in and says, "Hey you need some help?" And what do I say, "No I'm ok, but thanks."  That's nuts, sometimes I need to just let people help me.  And I need to learn to delegate.  Andplusalso, I need to check my pride and ask questions if I don't get something right away.

Organize: I'm a pretty organized person, but I'm back in a room that I haven't been in in a year.  In that year, it was occupied by one general ed teacher, one long term sub, a para professional, a special education teacher, and about 20 3rd graders.  To say the room is not as pristine as I left it is a giant understatement.  I need to get busy organizing and streamlining my room.  Even if I just dedicate 15 minutes 2 or 3 times a week just to organizing I'll make a big dent in what I have to get done.

Work Smart: Work smart, not hard.  I bet I could accomplish more if I stopped stopping in the middle of one task to start another or farting around with my Smart Board software or chit chatting with co-workers.

Here's to the start of a great year!
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Desi said...

Love this project! Everyone needs to work on a little happiness. I am totally for asking for help when you need it. It's hard, but if someone is offering I'm sure they were love to help you :)

Shell said...

I'm really bad at asking for help.

Mommy092209 said...

seriously, are we the same person? I LOVE your blog and always find myself thinking "OMG that's exactly what I was thinking, but afraid to say out loud." I'm really bad at asking for help. I think it's because I'm afraid they won't do it "my way." What a jerk, right? I'm so glad you are posting all of this. It really helps me put my life into perspective. I'm also a teacher, and I feel so much like I'm dragging this year! I just said to my husband, it's like I can't keep my head above water! IT's crazy! Anyway, thanks for you blog!

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