Monday, October 24, 2011

Finding More Fun

When my proverbial plate is overflowing with work, child care, a home to care for, meals to prepare, a husband to deal with, lessons to plan, jiggly thighs to work out, and idiot drivers to deal with finding room for fun can seem beyond difficult, may I even say impossible? But this month for my happiness project I forced myself to get serious about having a good time.

I thought I was going to have a harder time with it, since I'm usually like a machine.  BAM dinner is on the table.  BAM lesson plans made for the week.  BAKOW check out those squeaky clean floors.  But really...having fun is a lot of fun.  I had a kick ass night out with my girl friends.  Spent some time with my pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks.  Spent an entire day out just Isabella and I at the pumpkin patch and then shopping.  I've been sillier at home even though it prolongs bedtime.  Do I feel happier for it?  Sure.  Except last week...last week was brutal and there was barely a ray of happiness in it (nothing major just a lot of little things that pissed me off combined with an informal observation at work that might have been the worst lesson I've ever taught, and a wickedly bad case of PMS)

But the biggest source of un-fun in my life is that much loved, much hated, much needed to-do list.  I love my to-do list.  I love making it.  I love checking shit off.  What I don't love is actually doing the shit that's on it.  Mopping the floors is really not the highlight of my life.  Uploading my pictures to facebook is kind of annoying.  But I know I need it to keep my life running smoothly, but sometimes I need to just say screw it.

Like right now as I type this, it's Sunday night and the only 3 things I have left on my to-do list are to sweep, mop, and dust the furniture in my bedroom, but that sounds like the most pathetic evening I can think of so instead I've decided to just say fuck it and I poured myself a glass of wine, curled up in bed with Hell House, and am about to savor the last few moments of the weekend in a way that doesn't make me want to rip my hair out.  I mean really, when I'm an old lady I don't want to look back and say, "I really did have clean floors."  They'll keep until tomorrow.
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Jessica said...

The floors are only going to get dirty again about an hour after you clean them so really, let it slide. Enjoy your evenings when you can.

Lynn said...

I agree, to-do-lists are great but then you feel guily for not getting everything on it done. Especially if you are OCD. So relax, the floor will be there tomorrow.


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