Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Finding my Groove

Usually I thrive on routines.  Isabella's been on a routine since she's about 8 weeks old and since she came squalling into this world almost two and a half years ago, I've been on a routine too.  It just makes life easier.  Until it makes life boring and then you need to throw a wrench in it, but that's a post for another day.

Being a working mom having a routine in place really helps save my sanity.  I shower and set up lunches the night before.  All my clothes are laid out.  My coffee pot is set up. All to minimize the amount of noise I make in the morning getting ready and to maximize the number of times I can snooze.  I go to work, touch some lives, make some long lasting memories, pave the way of the future, and come home.  I usually hit the gym right after work if it's a gym day, come home and play with Isabella, clean out my lunch box and start dinner.  After we eat and play a bit more, I take her upstairs for books, bath, and bed.  Then I usually tackle a few things on my to-do list: sweep the floors, clean the counter, blog whatever.  I try and give myself about an hour or two to just kind of relax and watch TV, play a game with Andy, or read a book.

That's how it usually goes.  That's how it's gone my past years as a working mom.  But this year I just can't find my grove.  I have no desire to make my lunches or prep the meals for the week or go food shopping or sweep or anything.  Dishes are staying in the sink overnight and the floors are collecting more dirt.  I just can't get into the swing of being back to work after the summer and October is almost over!

I feel like I'm living in a perpetual state of vacation when I'm totally back to work.  I at least usually like to put the house together after Isabella goes to bed because it's easier for me to relax when there's no clutter, but I can't even get it together enough to do that. The thing of it is, is that it's not really driving me crazy.  I'm kind of all, "Meh, what's the point I'll have to just do it again in a few days anyway."

 Can someone please find me Stella because maybe she can tell me how to get my groove back
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Megan said...

I admit, I've never been good at sticking to a schedule, so I have no advice as to how to get back into one! But I'd continue searching for Stella, I hear she's pretty good in the groove department.

Sela Toki said...

Welcome to my world of "no routine whatsoever". I do hope you get your groove back soon though. Before you end up like me. LOL.

For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

ugh. I know the feeling and hopefully your groove comes a knocking and instead of saying trick or treat asks you to come in and stay awhile. Wish I had the answer for ya. I say eat some chocolate and find peace with the stage you are going through right now. In a month you will probably be in the other extreme and won't be able to sit down and put your feet up.

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