Monday, October 10, 2011

The Sadness of the Happiness Project

As I'm focusing on Leisure this month for my Happiness Project, I'm realizing there's something sad about focusing on fun.  That's realizing my limitations.

There are things that have simply passed me by that I'll never get to have experienced.  I'll never graduate as valedictorian.  Never mind that I never aspired to graduate as valedictorian, it's just realizing that the option is closed to me.  I'll never fly into outer space or open a restaurant or be a famous actress.  It's not that I even want these things, it's just that I know I'll never get to experience them.

Then it's realizing my own limitations on things that maybe I feel I should be doing, but that I don't generally think I would enjoy.  Living in such close proximity to NYC and working in an outer borough, I feel that there are so many options for "fun."  So many wonderful, cultural, unique, and exciting things to do that I feel guilty when I'm not out there experiencing them.  Like going to a smoky jazz club at midnight or taking a pole dancing class or going to see the ballet at The Met.  Those are examples of things that I think should be fun, but I don't have the inclination or the energy to do it.  And that's a bit sad.  I mean maybe I should be doing more novel and adventurous things, but I really want to stick to Being Melissa and trying to find novel and adventurous things to do that are more within my realm of interests.

It can be a little bit sad to realize your limitations, but also a little bit liberating.
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Sela Toki said...

Melissa, thanks for commenting on my blog. You're so right about stepping out of the comfort zone. Too comfortable for my own good. AS for your post, it's guite interesting. I think doing the things you enjoy the most, is your true calling in life. But if you have the means to try everything you think you might enjoy, you should go for it. You'll never know 'til you try it. "The sky is the limit".

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