Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spooky. Creepy. Strange

So the Halloween season is upon us and aside from trick-or-treaters and 5 lbs worth of candy corn, there's a darker side of Halloween.  I've always kind of been fascinated by the paranormal.  Things like ghosts, demons, seances, etc.  And it might just be because I'm reading a lot of horror books and watching tons of scary movies and going to see a haunted house attraction that I have all of this freaky stuff on the brain, but there have been a lot of weird things going on around here lately.  Let me break the spooky down for you.

1.  The other night we had just finished putting Isabella in her crib and Andy went to turn on the video monitor and he kind of jumped back a bit.  He said that he saw a small black circle move from the corner outside the crib to behind the toy box.  30 seconds later, she starts crying.

2.  Isabella has been complaining lately that she's scared of the tunnel in her crib.  Maybe something freaky or maybe just a toddler attempt to dodge bedtime?  I guess we'll never know.

3.  I put a paper towel down on the counter after I dried my hands on it.  I turned around and it was on the stove.  The windows were closed and the fans were off.

4.  It's almost like I feel eyes on me, like I'm being watched.  It's really creepy.

5.  I've been hearing weird noises, almost like whispering or rustling.

Like I said, I'm fairly certain that I'm just hyper aware of every little thing because I have the spooky, creepy, and strange on the brain.  Have any of you guys ever had any sort of brush with the paranormal?  You know I'd love to hear it.
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Dani G said...

Creeeeeepy!! Sometimes I "feel" a presence around me and it feels like someone's standing behind me or coming very close to me. I've started kind of asking "it" what it's trying to show me or point out to me. I'd like to think that any "presence" would be here/there only for good- not for all the scary/creepy things that the movies would have us believe.

Jocelyn said...

Last night my daughter woke up crying in the middle of the night, and as I was rocking her back to sleep the only thing I could think of was your creepy stuff post! Specifically the black circle Andy saw on the monitor and the "tunnel in the crib". I totally freaked myself out! Did you ever figure out what either of those was all about?

Lynn said...


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