Monday, November 28, 2011

Alive With the Season

Being mindful and present in life is not always without challenges.  It's easy to get lost up there in your head, so that when you're giving your little ones a bath you've already mentally planned out tomorrow night's dinner, wrapped your husband's Christmas gift, and made an appointment for Holiday photos.  But then you never really experience all there is to experience and I'm so guilty of that, which is why focusing on Mindfulness for this month's Happiness Project Theme was important, especially because it's around the holiday season.

Christmas brings along with it many beautiful experiences and memories to be made: sweet smelling Christmas cookies just waiting to be decorated, twinkling lights, trimming Christmas trees, unwrapping a surprise on Christmas morning, the excitement of sitting on Santa's lap, and the rush of little feet down the stairs on Christmas morning.  But it can also bring along a great amount of stress: presents to be bought and paid for, long lines, traffic, where to spend the holidays, one more batch of cookies that has to be made, that last minute gift, and the bills, bills, bills.

But in trying to be mindful this season, I'm making every effort to see Christmas through Isabella's eyes.  To see the magic of it all, to feel the warmth the season brings.  Snuggled up with a cup of hot chocolate (that she doesn't like and it drives me nuts!) with the lights glowing in the background and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer on TV.

So when I'm waiting in another never ending line, instead of being frustrated I'm going to try and remember who I'm buying the gift for and imagine their happiness when they receive it.  I'm really feeling the spirit of Christmas alive inside of me.

Here are some pictures of the Santa train we took with Isabella and her cousins.  It was really cute, think Polar Express to the North Pole where they met Santa, Mrs, Claus, had hot chocolate and cookies, and got that special "Believe" Bell.  So fun!

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