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Guest Post: How to Choose Safe Toys for your Newborn

This is a guest post by Christina Jones from http://jonesbabylove.blogspot.com You can also connect with Christina on Twitter @Christinajon3s .  I received no compensation for this post.  

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Whether you are becoming a parent for the first or the third time, you always want what is best for your baby. This concept stays true throughout their lifetime, even after the kids move out and become independent. However, it is particularly prevalent during infancy, when children are at their most vulnerable. While feeding and sleeping come naturally, elements like finding safe toys are often overlooked.
Toys are an important aspect of an infant's growth and development. However, aside from choosing options that are engaging, choosing a toy for its safety value is important as well. Fortunately, there are many options available in finding safe baby toys for your newborn. Below are a few of the most popular methods that can also save money.
After determining a source, consider some of the examples below of popular baby-safe toys. Each of these types of toys is both engaging for your infant and safe. 
Velcro Based Attachments with Mirrors
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Velcro based mirror attachments are a popular choice for many reasons. To begin with, they are versatile in how they can be implemented. You can generally place them on anything from a car seat to a crib, ensuring your baby can enjoy them in a number of situations and environments. Additionally, they are manufactured for durability to the common wear and tear associated with heavy infant use, including mirrors that cannot be broken or shattered.
Baby Safe Books
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Baby safe books generally consist of vividly colored picture books that are manufactured in cardboard and other durable materials that cannot be torn easily. There are also options that include minute padding for the front and back covers that provide extra cushioning for your little one.
Plush Toys with Baby Safe Eyes
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Plush toys are a popular option for infants. However, some stuffed animals can pose a safety hazard to babies that parents are often unaware of. The most prevalent of these hazards consists of the various types of eyes used on plush toys. Protruding eyes that are hard like a marble are among the most unsafe types of plush toy options available. Instead, look for options that use fabric based eyes that rest flush on the face of the plush toyThese options drastically reduce the potential for choking that is a common problem with protruding eyes.  
In all, bringing baby home is a fun and exciting time for parents. Ensuring your new little addition has all the engaging toys and accessories is an important part of their overall development. However, it is important to consider the safety of the toys you are providing. Following the basic guidelines outlined above is a simple and effective way to start out on the right foot.

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