Friday, November 4, 2011

November's Happiness Theme...Mindfulness

I know I usually post the Happiness Project posts on Monday, but Monday is already the 7th so I feel like that's kind of gipping my out of a week.  This month I'm focusing on Mindfulness, meaning really being aware and conscious of the present moment and of life in general.

I have a big challenge tacking this month in staying in the present moment...I'm a serial multi-tasker.  I will make dinner, write a blog post, and set up my lunch for tomorrow simultaneously.  This drags me away from staying in the moment.  Sometimes when I'm particularly busy or overwhelmed I'll be reading a bedtime story with Isabella and I'll be mentally running through my to-do list.  I know I need to work on mindfulness.  Another challenge is that I can easily become lost in looking forward to future events or drown in worry and anxiety, neither of which is entirely productive.

So here are my resolutions for the month to help me stay more focused on the here and now before it's gone for good:

Meditate: It sounds a little hokey I'll give it to you and feel free to insert eye roll ::here::, but I think it's a wonderful idea to find a few minutes each day to sit in silence.  Where it's just quiet, no TV set blaring, no cell phone beeping, and ideally no nagging thoughts running through my head.  Just a few moments at the start or end of the day that are mine and mine alone to just sit and be.

Research: Eckhart Tolle, Louise Hay, Richard Dwyer are just some of the authors that I've read in the past that deal with new age spirituality and being in the present moment.   I always feel better when I read these books as it gives me more of a framework for it.  I'm a person who appreciates structure and how-to's so reading books on mindfulness will surely help to boost mine.

Keep a food journal: So many times I'm in such a rush eating my food that I barely register it's taste.  Or while I'm eating a piece of chocolate I'm thinking that this will never be enough to satisfy my sweet tooth and I'll need another one, before I've even finished chewing.  Food can be a sensory experience in and of itself and I want to slow down and enjoy it and be mindful of the bites, licks and tastes that I consume that are causing the numbers on the scale to creep up.  Writing it down will help...Dr. Oz says so.

So this month I'm going to be mindful, I'm going to be present, I'm going to experience my life and not just hurry through it.
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MommyRehab said...

This is a good project. I am a serial multi-tasker too.

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