Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I used to be uber private about my blog.  It was my own private place and it took me a long time to get semi-used to the idea of people who I know in real life reading it.  But then I got nominated for some blogger award and I needed the votes so I sold out and put the link up on facebook and about 30 seconds after I hit "update" I had a mini panic attack because basically my deepest darkest secrets, fears, insecurities and all other sorts of ridiculousness were now on display to people who I had to look in the face.

But I was never ill received by anyone who clicked on the link that day.  In fact everyone who spoke to me about it really liked it and said that they had similar feelings as well.  That doesn't mean that there weren't haters who were making fun of me behind my back, but there's not much that can really be done about that.  There are even people it brought me closer with because there was a shared ground, a commonality to lay the groundwork down for friendship.  So thanks to Nicole, Michelle, Buffy, Christy, Regina, Amy, Rochelle, and Jasmine for reading.

But those are only the people I know about.  What if there are people who I know in real life who read this blog and I don't know that they read it.  That feels unfair.  If you're reading what equates to a very personal, yet very public diary, I should know about it so I can properly avert my eyes in shame if I run into you on the street or, gasp, in the hallway at work.  I don't care if you read it, I'd just like to know so send me a FB message, a comment or an e-mail and let me know that you lurk around here.  Or better yet, de-lurk and get yourself in the conversation.
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Karen Greenberg said...

I completely understand what you mean here. I just found out that a friend of my mom's reads my blog. That's not a problem; I just didn't know until she made a comment. It feels strange that she's been reading all this time yet never said anything when I saw her.

christymg said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, so much for sharing your life in this blog. You made me not feel alone, and maybe saved a little of my sanity during the long months when I was up half the night with Riley and then working a full day without any sleep!

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