Saturday, December 31, 2011

How Do You Measure, Measure a Year?

Well it's that time again...a year in review as we bid farewell to 2011 and welcome in the new promise of 2012.  New Year's to me means a clean slate, a new chance that is bittersweet as you bask in the remembrance of what was, all of the experiences and lessons learned and usher in a new year.  

This year has been truly wonderful.  My mom made cancer her bitch.  Isabella has grown into a beautiful, intelligent, curious, independent, and precocious little girl.  I made a successful transition from an out of classroom position back into my role as a third grade teacher and I tried to make the best of it.  I took an amazing girls only trip to Las Vegas and got a little wild.  I've put time into my friendships cultivated at work.  Everyone was healthy, everyone has a job, and we didn't have to say goodbye to anyone.  And while nothing "WOW" really happened, it was a lot of ordinarily precious moments.  

Here is a year in pictures.

 We kicked off 2011 right by celebrating the 1st birthday of Charlie and the 3rd birthday of Daniella.

 A sweet dance from a special Valentine

In March we enjoyed some lollipops and puddle stomping.  We also enjoyed green bagels on St. Patrick's day and found a love of finger painting.  

In April we made sure to color eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide for us.  We also threw my sister a birthday party and enjoyed a lot of time at museums while we waited for the weather to warm.  

In May we spent a lot of time out doors at the park and going on flower hunts.  We also celebrated my 29th birthday.  It was very warm so we were able to visit the zoo and have a lot of BBQ's. 

In June Miss. Isabella Grace turned 2 years old.  We also started swim class, spent a lot of time at the pool, and started visiting Sesame Place.  

July was Isabella's first plane ride to Disney World where she fell in love with Mickey Mouse, Small World, and fireworks.  We also had a lot of fun with our cousins by the pool and taking day trips.  

August brought our second annual beach trip to Ocean City, where we played in the sand and in the waves.  We ate a lot of ice cream, danced on the boardwalk, and enjoyed a visit from my brother.  

As sad as we were to see the summer go, September brought tons of fall activities and crafts, including apple picking, pumpkin picking, and hay rides.   

In October we had tons of spooky fun, including a Halloween get together with crafts, lunch, and games.  It was unseasonably warm so we spent a lot of time outside picking pumpkins and taking hay rides.  We did a lot of baking and crafting.  

In November we celebrated the bridal shower of my cousin Christie.  Her wedding will be another highlight to look forward to in 2012 as will the wedding of my other cousin, Christina.  

December couldn't have been more magical as this was the first Christmas that Isabella truly understood and could participate in.  It included breakfast with Santa, a polar express train ride, a state police holiday party where Santa came in in a helicopter, cookie baking, gingerbread house making, Christmas carol singing, and near combustion on Christmas morning.  

So here's to a year that was filled with friends, family, love, and maybe a little bit too much wine.  And here's to all that 2012 will bring.  

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