Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Did Everything Wrong

I like going to bars.  I like getting together with some laid back girlfriends, grabbing a beer, and relaxing...maybe a little dancing if the DJ is playing something I can groove to.  There are some people who think that a married woman has no place in a bar, let alone a married woman with a baby, but I see no harm in it.

Any who, so last Thursday I'm at work and it's so close to Christmas break and everyone is all crazed and stressed out with the holiday performance and the wrapping and the last minute gifts and the baking and the drama so when at lunch my friend suggested that we all go out for a drink after work instead of resorting to my usual, "Sounds like fun, but I can't" I said, "Let me see if I can work out the logistics."  So I lined up my mom to babysit and told the voice in my head that told me I should feel guilty to stfu and I decided to go and have a good time.   I had a hair appointment that day anyway, so I told the girls I'd just meet them there.

Now right about this point in my story I realized that, I was wearing my glasses, I didn't have any clothes to change into, and I had no makeup with me.  It gave me pause for a minute, because usually when I go out in public I like to look somewhat decent, but I just as quickly decided that I didn't care and it didn't matter anyway.

So I went to my hair appointment, cut off about six inches of hair and then strolled into the bar wearing my glasses, loose fitting jeans, flat boots, a belted sweater, and no makeup except for the red lipstick I always keep in my purse and you know what?  It was like I had beer flavored boobs or something.  I must have gotten hit on like 10 times that night.  Now I'm not a conceited person by any stretch of the imagination, you wouldn't even have to click the back button twice to find some post where I'm thinking I'm fat or that my nose is too long, or that my chin is weird or my butt is too big, I'm too unstylish.

 I just wanted to point out that I did everything that the fashion magazines say you shouldn't.  Don't listen to magazines that say you have to look a certain way or wear something special to be beautiful, to feel beautiful.  Just saying.
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Jill said...

awe you go hot mama!!

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