Friday, December 2, 2011

Just Like Me

Looking at Isabella is like looking at a mini clone of myself, aside from her light hair and green eyes, she has basically my exact same face, but there are some other things that she got from me that I hoped would have eluded the gene pool.  In this case I only have myself to blame because these are behaviors she picked up from dear old mom, not physical traits.

She's really anal retentive and everything needs to be just so.  Some examples, there are certain foods that can't be cut up or broken, like donuts, granola bars, cookies, or apples.  Then there are foods that absolutely must be cut, pancakes, french toast, and strawberries.  A mistake in the wrong direction will make said food unedible.

Also, everything has to go in its right place.  The DVD's have to be stacked on the left side of the TV, if you're having a tea party you have to have a pink cup, with a pink spoon, on a pink saucer.  If you can't find one of those utensils, the party cannot go on until it's found.  Her crayons have to go in the blue zip up pencil case, not in the basket with the coloring books.  She has to go first into the house, into the room first, and up the stairs first.  She has to put the light on in the bathroom herself and if you do it first she will shut it off, leave the room, come back in and put it on herself.

Post-crab walk

She's slightly awkward in social settings,  for example...when we were at my cousin Christie's bridal shower, all of the little kids were playing duck-duck-goose and she was doing the crab walk by herself.

Those are all behaviors that she most certainly picked up from her neurotic mother.  But she does have some qualities that I don't possess:  she doesn't care what anyone thinks of her when out in public, she has a really easy time making friends, she's not afraid to say no or ask for what she wants, and that girl can boogie.
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Mrs. MidAtlantic said...

I think some of those tendencies just come with being a toddler. Laura is super particular about what goes where and how and when... Nate and I aren't particular in the least!

Morgan said...

What a cutie ... and apparently quite the free spirit! My kids have some of my genes that I wish they wouldn't have gotten, too. Yaking to complete strangers and the inability to put down a book when it's time to do something else. Like walk or brush your teeth. :)

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