Friday, December 16, 2011

Motherhood Means

Motherhood means...

...thinking you are making food for yourself and realizing that you are sadly mistaken.

...that you will be 15 minutes late to everything. need 3 days advance notice of any plans so you can figure out a babysitter situation and mentally prepare yourself for a night out with adults. will need to find clever spots to hide your iPhone to keep it out of sticky little hands.

...hiding in the bathroom so you can do your business in peace.

...your house will never be *really* clean.

...that a really amazing day consists of sleeping past 8am, a really great day trip/playdate, a long nap, a dinner that everyone eats, and an early bed time.

...making 3 different dinners in a night even though you swore you never would. are always at least a little bit tired. get really jazzed up about the new Spring line at Baby Gap.

...there have been several occasions where you've forgotten to shower/brush your teeth/put on deodorant.

...that you will always be loved and you will never truly ever be alone.
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Dr. Ann said...

This is hilarious! Esp. agree about the food part. I've given up on private food time altogether : )

Just found your blog through SITS girls and I'm looking forward to reading more!


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