Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Photo Slacker

When Isabella was a tiny little baby, I'd snap a bazillion pictures of her.  Every outfit needed to be documented.  I'd pose her with props.  We'd have photo sessions all day long.  But as she's gotten older, I've really started slacking with the pictures and with the keeping up with her baby book.

Poor kid is gonna wonder why when she turned two and half the pictures suddenly ceased and desisted.  I need to start taking more pictures and remembering to take my camera with me.  The last 2 birthday parties and 2 day trips I've forgotten my camera.  And you just can't trust people to tag you in pictures or to take good pictures of you kid, kwim?

So here are the most recent pics I have of us on a day trip to the Aquarium.

Making our alligator face

Petting the sting ray

Little surfer girl

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Jo said...

You're not the only one ... I also noticed that I was not quite as ready with the camera the second time round .... poor kid he's going to think we couldn't be bothered. I was just looking at a friends photos on FB and realized that I have not taken/updated the photos of my kids in ages. Better do something about that soon.

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