Thursday, January 19, 2012

Toddler OCD

I'm only half kidding when I worry about Isabella having some form of OCD.  I get that toddlers are quirky and borderline psychopaths most of the time, but she's definitely on the extreme end of things.  The number one crazy thing that she does is vie to be first.  It's like if she's not first up the stairs, in the bathroom, in the car she completely flips her shit.  I used to just acquiesce her because it was easier than the resulting 15 minute scream fest that was sure to follow, but once it started oozing it's ugly way into play dates and parties and things I completely put the kaibash on it.  Because who wants to hang out with a screaming 2 year old who has to do everything first?  A few time outs and early departures seems to have helped a bit in this department.

But sadly that's not where the anal retentiveness ends.  She loves red.  It's her favorite color.  Every puzzle we have she will only play with the red pieces.  She has decided that my favorite color is purple and I'm only allowed to play with the purple puzzle pieces.

She has a side of the couch, a certain pillow that's hers, and a lot of rules about what food goes where and what it touches.

I swear I can't keep up with her neurosis!  I get that she's probably just maintaining control over what little she can, but man she sure does read like she has some sort of obsessive disorder.
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Artistic creative Mommy said...

Melissa, hopefully she'll grow out of it. It's completely normal for toddlers to have some form of ocd such as you described. It's even a tad funny when you look at it! And at least she picked you A pretty color :)

Lindsey Brackett said...

We're obsessive down South too. Only certain baby dolls sleep in the bed alongside the Pooh friends and only certain blankets are good enough for covering up a fleecy toddler. Then, when she still doesn't get her way, she shrieks, "MIMI". Like I'm going to take her to MIL to make her life better :)

Belle's Butterfly said...

I joke all the time that Belle is OCD. Blocks have to be put away in the block bag perfectly. If not she has to pull them out and start over again. Her milk has to go to the right side of her plate. No where else.

I have learned from other parents that this is pretty normal for toddlers and they outgrow it.

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