Monday, February 13, 2012

A Bad Attitude

February I was working on my attitude for my Happiness Project and I really sucked at it.  You know the feeling when you know you just completely and utterly sucked at something?  Yeah that was me this week.  So my resolutions were to 1. Let things go.  2.  Cultivate an attitude of gratitude. and 3. Think positive.

I will detail you my suck-fest.

1.  Let things go:  I was doing good all week.  Letting things roll off my back, not overanalyzing everything that everyone said.  But one thing kind of annoyed me.  My friend at work who has a really nice body was saying that her legs were ugly and fat and that mine were skinny because I'm taller than her. I told her that I'm not taller than her I'm only 5'3 and she said, "well I don't know why then they're skinnier than mine."  Ummmm hello self-absorbed.  I'm allowed one body part that is nicer than yours.  Then on Saturday my friends were trying to get together, Andy was working midnights so I suggested that they come here.  One of them said that they didn't feel like leaving brooklyn and another one said that she "couldn't handle" coming to NJ because of her work schedule.  I really can't.  Honestly, I drive into Brooklyn to see them all the fucking time.  With my full time job and my full time child, I drive in a car by myself all the time.  New Jersey is another state, not a God-damned other country.  And they would have company in the car.  I'm guessing you can tell by my seething venom that I haven't been able to let that go.

2.  Cultivate an attitude of gratitude:  I've been working really hard with My Fitness Pal and New York Sports Club to loose the weight and I've been doing great.  I'm down 6lbs so far and I've been so proud of myself and my accomplishments, but after seeing several very unflattering pictures of myself where I looked like some sort of dough girl I completely lost my shit.  I got really down on myself and completely lost sight of how far I've come.  I'm still working on that.

3.  Think positive:  We just listed the house this weekend.  And I'm already convinced that it's never going to sell and that our competition is too great.  I'm bringing bad juju and I need to stop thinking negative and start visualizing buyers and a quick sell.

So yeah, I pretty much blew it this week and February is a short month so I need to get my shit together.
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Natalia Lynn said...

Everyone is allowed mistakes or not to be perfect all the time! The key is to just keep on going! You'll be fine. That would annoy me about your friends though... (sorry I'm not much help, haha!)

Jo said...

Don't sweat it we all have moments or weeks ;) when we blow it.... Key is to just keep trying. Good luck for this week!

Jo said...

O and thanks for following me!

christymg said...

6 lbs is a lot, and it is not easy, I'm struggling with the same thing. Seems like no woman is ever happy with her body. I always try to figure out who you are talking about when you mention anyone from work, but I haven't been there for a long time no so odds are I don't even know the person lol

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