Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Four Stages of TV Watching

Like most moms I tend to turn to TV for a break in the action.  Sometimes I need to cook dinner, sometimes I need to make phone calls, sometimes I just need to chill.  I do think a ton of TV is not good, even just as background noise, especially since if it's on Isabella will watch it, so for the most part I've been keeping it off in favor of music or books or something else that doesn't give them that completely glazed over zombie look...that look freaks me out.

But sometimes TV is a necessity, however I go through stages of TV watching

STAGE 1 - Frustration

Dear God we're on the third day of rain and I'm so sick of the whining and complaining and the 18 second attention span.  Christmas was a few months ago how are you completely over all of your toys?  Here just watch this freaking singing mermaid with the hottest cartoon husband ever.

STAGE 2 - Relief

Ahhh that's nice.  I can pee in peace, maybe even have a cup of coffee.  Oh, what's that, I think I hear pinterest calling me...time to pin some dinners for the week.

STAGE 3 - Guilt

Should I be interacting with her a bit more?  Is that vacant look in her eyes normal?  Is she becoming ADD?  Are the shifting images messing with her brain wiring?  Am I a really terrible mother?

STAGE 4 - Worry

Holy shit it's over...now what?
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Lil'Misa said...

That is about right. Now with baby #2 Carter watches more tv than we like but we know it is a phase that will end soon, hopefully! We always feel guilty when he watches too much tv.

Jo said...

LOL ... I think that descibes how most of us feel.

ShorT1882 said...

LOL, sounds about right!! If the TV is on Evelyn will watch it.

stickynotequeen said...

Cute post! I agree with you on this! Thank you for visiting me on my SITS Day and leaving me such a nice comment! Please come back anytime!

christymg said...

I love this, so true, but I really don't know how those no tv parents do it!

lady gray said...

i totally feel you on ALL of this. sigh.

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