Monday, February 27, 2012


In my pursuit of happiness I'm realizing that I'm almost done with my Happiness Project!  This month I'm focusing on Attitude.  One of my resolutions was to cultivate an attitude of gratitude.  As someone who tends to be restless and dissatisfied, a perfectionist really, it's so easy for me to find flaws or to focus on lack when in reality I have a lot to be thankful for.

In the middle of having the house on the market and keeping it clean "just in case" and a realtor who is kind of a tool bag (even though it seems like he knows his stuff) and no one looking and no one buying it I'm kind of losing my mind.  But instead of being an ingrate about the whole situation I'm trying to show more gratitude.  I'm grateful for the memories I've had in this house.  I like how it's changed as we've changed.  I like it's clean lines.  I'm grateful for the shelter and warmth it's given, for the laughter that has rung through it's walls.  It's a great house and I'm grateful that we can afford it and that we can live here a bit longer until it's time to move on.

There are big ticket items that I'm grateful for that don't change on a day-to-day basis, my daughter, my husband, my family, my home, my job, my health etc, but there are a bevy of things that you can be grateful for each and every day that may seem small and insignificant.  I just had my wisdom tooth taken out and at first I was so bummed out that I had to waste my week off stuck in the house, but if I look at things with an attitude of gratitude, I got a much needed break from all of my running around.  I'm grateful for the parking spot I got at a birthday party over the weekend.  I'm grateful I finally figured out how to work a curling iron.

When I spend the time to be grateful for the big and little things in my life that I might ordinarily bustle over in my business, I don't feel dissatisfied, I feel happy and content and lucky.  And isn't that the point?
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Stephanie said...

Oh such a good way to look at things, perspective can make a huge difference!

Shaunells Hair said...

Thanks for your message, soo needed! Fabulous! Have a great one!

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